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Weekend Glimmers, Jan 26th – 28th, 2024

Glimmers . . . moments that spark joy, contentment, and peace, making me feel that all is well and I am right where I belong . . .

I approached this weekend feeling a little blue and a bit down in the dumps, so I did what I could to lift my spirits. And it worked!

First up was a manicure. My nail stylist is awesome and I love these cheerful Valentine’s Day inspired nails. I smile every time I look at them.

Next up was some retail therapy with a trip to HomeGoods. I got a couple of new pillows (sorry, Dale IYKYK), martini glasses, a new shower curtain, and a few other things, including . . .

A new double bed for Fred & George! Okay, it’s not really a double bed, it’s a small dog bed, but they can both fit comfortably and I think they love it. The other beds they had were made for one kitty at a time and, while I think George is fine with sleeping alone, Fred really likes to sleep curled up with this brother best of all.

We made time to sit and chat at the close of each day with a drink and a snack. Dale teases me because I like to be left alone a lot during the day but when it comes to cocktail hour I really want to talk. In fact, I try to save up things to discuss for these moments because this ritual is so important to me.

I spent some time in my studio, getting caught up on adding book cover stickers to my reading Field Guide and setting up my Hobonichi for the week ahead.

And I continued my Soup Sunday Series with Italian Wedding Soup. I’ve never made this before but it was so good and I will certainly be making it again.

As we head into a new week (the last one of January, THANK GAWD) I am feeling rested and ready and I hope you are, too.

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  1. What a FUN manicure!! I’ve not had a manicure in years!!! Maybe it’s time…Fred and George look so cute curled up together. That reminds me I have been intending to get a bed for Mabel. A trip to HomeGoods is ALWAYS fun – one of my favorite places to shop.

  2. Your manicure is so cute! Those hearts are just delightful! But that bed for Fred and George… PERFECTION!

  3. Your manicure is lovely and that bed for F&G is great. They look adorable and that’s a great way to start my Monday!

  4. Congratulations on lifting yourself out of a funk, Carole. That is not an easy thing, but It looks like you were strategic about it. Italian wedding soup is one of my favorites, Fred and George look so content, and your nails are very happy, so that would have cheered me as well. Sunshine in small amounts is coming to us a bit this week, and I can hardly wait. Have a great week!

  5. Those nails are adorable, can’t help but smile! Love the new bed – it’s perfectly cozy for them. I’m glad you were able to work through the funk and create some glimmers this weekend!

  6. It was tough getting up this morning, but the one bright spot was realizing that it’s the last Monday in January! Love the manicure, and could the kitties be any cuter?

  7. That’s the way to get your winter blahs in order!!! I’m so glad you built in some great GLIMMERS to your weekend. XO

  8. The ol’ two cat conundrum where one really likes to sleep with the other. And some of us also like our personal space sometimes. Ha, ha. >^^<

    The soup looks delicious. Some of us might also be following the Bread Report. M’kay? And I can recommend Brown Eyed Baker’s Homemade Crescent Rolls from my experiment.

  9. your manicure is ALL THE HEARTS! I haven’t painted my nails in months (for no good reason really) and now I desperately want a RED manicure.

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