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Weekend Glimmers, Feb 2nd-4th, 2024

Glimmers . . . moments that spark joy, contentment, and peace, making me feel that all is well and I am right where I belong . . .

Allow me to show you the one photo I took this weekend:

It’s the appetizer spread from the 50th birthday party we attended yesterday in honor of our friend, Michael. His husband Sean did a wonderful job with the food and we had a terrific time.

Despite the lack of photographic evidence, I also had other glimmers over the weekend, including . . .

A trip to my favorite garden store where I wandered among the plants.

A retirement dinner for our friend Bruce. I’m so happy for him and his wife Vivian but I have grave concerns for my future appliance repairs.

Time to read by the fire.

And time to watch another Oscar movie . . . Maestro. I didn’t love it but I thought it was very well done.

I hope you found glimmers of your own this weekend.

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  1. What a lovely weekend, Carole! (as for me… I just can’t stop singing Fast Car… it is the most delightful ear worm! Happy Monday!

  2. Oh boy, that appetizer spread looks much better than the yogurt I am currently chowing down on! Did you get anything at the garden store? I need to check and see if a local place has Dahlia tubers…if not, I will be ordering from White Flower Farm!

  3. You know you’re having a good time if you hardly have your phone out for pictures. I’m not sure that good appliance repair people should be allowed to retire!

  4. Happy Monday! It sounds like you had a great weekend! We did, too, because the sun was out the whole time, and it’s supposed to stick around. That looked like one very impressive appetizer, and from the looks of it in that photo, there was more to come. What did you take home with you from the garden store? It’s primrose season hear, and I need some. They are one of my favorite spring plants, that and witch hazel. Have a great day/week.

  5. Looks like a great weekend, Carole. Rain, rain, rain here, but I enjoyed reading Code Name Helene’ very much this past weekend.

  6. Fun weekend Carole! Interesting comment on Maestro…that’s pretty much what I’ve heard. I’ll give it a look though as it’s availabe.

  7. I laughed in a painfully knowing way at your comment about Bruce’s retirement. First, it was our mechanic, then our local tire shop, then my dentist. Thank goodness my doc is afresh young-ish gal who assured me her family is complete. Plus, I fear this means I’m aging too!

  8. What a great appetizer spread!!! And I’m still grieving over our wonderful local appliance store . . .that closed last year (the last of its kind around here). Not only were they honest sales people, but they had knowledgable and competent service people. They are so missed . . . (and they had no one to recommend for service/repairs when they closed, which is a truly sad state of affairs).

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