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Weekend Glimmers, Feb 9th-11th, 2024

Glimmers . . . moments that spark joy, contentment, and peace, making me feel that all is well and I am right where I belong . . .

I had a lovely, quiet weekend that started with dinner at a friend’s house on Friday night and also included . . .

Cats in my lap. This is George but it was sometimes Fred and even sometimes both cats. Love.

Some early time in my garden, trimming back the hellebores.

And discovering buds.

Also plenty of time puttering around the house, reading and knitting, watching the Super Bowl, and feeling . . good.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was a very nice weekend here. We were able to spend time with our younger daughter and family which made the weekend extra special! I love Hellebores, too; I agree, they are such a nice sign of spring.

  2. Love that peek at the hellobore bud! and cozy Fred and/or George. My weekend was wet, gray (outside) and cozy with Lucy, books, a sweater sleeve, and another loaf of bread (inside). Happy monday!

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