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Weekend Glimmers, March 1st-3rd, 2024

Glimmers . . . moments that spark joy, contentment, and peace, making me feel that all is well and I am right where I belong . . .

I love a weekend that includes nothing but staying home and that’s just what I had for this one. Puttering around, doing some reading, doing some cooking, watching movies, chatting with Dale, all my favorite ways to spend my time.

Also fun . . .

George hiding behind a spider plant, pretending he’s in the jungle. These plants came from a friend who has gone south for the winter and I repotted them last week. They are doing well!

Also doing well (but could maybe be doing better) is this string of pearls. Houseplants are good for my soul in the winter, I will tell you that.

I put away the flannel sheets and set up our bedroom linens for spring. The twinkling trees are also put away (our new plan is to follow Daylight Savings Time, setting them up when we turn the clocks back and putting them away when we turn the clocks forward. I like this schedule) and everything feels lighter.

And crocus! Dale sent me this photo yesterday and it’s a sure sign that the seasons are changing.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I saw my first Redwinged Blackbirds in our yard which means SPRING to me! And, yesterday was nice enough for sitting on the patio with a beverage before dinner! I can’t believe we turn the clocks next weekend!! Love the lavender crocuses.

  2. My weekend was full of catching up. To be fair, I spent the previous one away so double chores was not surprising. My mental state has shifted to Spring, even if next weekend is a setback in bright mornings. However, my body is not fooled when I crawl into bed at night. Flannel sheets stay on until we’re ready to part with them here.

  3. I like that string of pearls and the planter! I’m almost always chilly when I go to bed so I left the flannel sheets on. I was going to say “until March” but I guess it is March!

  4. Spring is definitely in the air here in VA. I got a slight farmer’s tan yesterday while spending the entire day outside with my granddaughter, the daffodils are blooming, we saw a couple of box turtles walking down the road, and I just noticed the pear tree outside my window is in bloom. Our cars will all be pollen yellow soon!
    Love that chick pillow on your bed!

  5. Look, it’s George of the Jungle! Love your planter for your String of Pearls, too!

    Spring is definitely springing here — I just saw a ton of crocus blooms, plus there are lots of daffodils blooming and all the trees have buds on them. I hope things will start getting greener soon, because that will really signify that we’ve put winter behind us (right now there just seems to be a lot of mud).

  6. George in his “jungle”! and !!! you’re ahead of me with the spring bedding. I did wash and put away our heaviest blanket last week, but we still have the winter sheets and the “big” duvet (and we’re still needing them!)

  7. Lovely glimmers, Carole! (I love George-of-the-Jungle!!!) I actually got out in the garden over the weekend. Trying not to be too freaked out by that . . .

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