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Delight in the Dirt

I know I said Tuesdays would be about books all summer but I’ve changed my mind and Tuesdays are also going to be about gardening. Because, really, my two favorite hobbies (other than knitting) are reading and gardening. And you can see that I’ve also paired it with my One Little Word because gardening does often fill me with delight. It also fills me with dread and despair occasionally but that’s a post for another day.

Today, I’m sharing 3 containers from my deck and pergola that don’t have flowers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love flowers. But I also love foliage and I focus on that a lot when I create my container gardens.

This is a chocolate drop coleus and a sweet potato vine called Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Mahogany. I love how the Chocolate Drop grows in clusters of small leaves and I think the color of the sweet potato vine leaves complements it really nicely.

This is a Kong Rose coleus. It’s another favorite and I get one every year and usually put it in a pot all by itself.

You’ve seen this one before but it’s grown a bit since then. It’s a container with Sweet Potato Vine called Sidekick Black and two coleus, the one in front is Le Freak and the one on the right is Main Street Ashbury.

Rounding things out today is this container, which sits under our pergola so it’s mostly in the shade. The coleus is called Wicked Witch and I’ve planted it with a mini fern and Fuchsia Autumnale. It’s another of my foliage favorites this summer.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. They are all gorgeous, Carole! But I think the one that is mostly in shade is my favorite! Those rippled coleus leaf edges… too cute!

  2. I don’t think I can pick a favorite — they’re all lovely! I love the color variation that’s available in plants that aren’t flowers.

  3. Love your non flowering plants. I bought a hanging flowering plant for the first time in years this year. I think next year I will continue that but buy non flowering for my containers as I love the way they look.

  4. Coleus are so much fun!!!! They mix and match so well in containers, and are just gorgeous all by themselves, too. I love that they have sun varieties now, too — which ups the “use them anywhere” game! XO

  5. I planted the half barrel by our front door with coleus and a dark sweet potato vine, too. Great minds think alike!

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