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Summer Weekends, June 21-23, 2024

There is very little photographic evidence of this weekend. I’m blaming it on the heatwave.

I do have a few, though.

There is George, in his favorite chair and his favorite pose. He loves to scooch back into the corner and drape one leg over the arm.

Here is a pizza, topped with pancetta, goat cheese, fig jam, and arugula. Please note, Dale’s pizza that night was topped with pepperoni and cheese, he doesn’t go in for the fancy toppings. I used the pizza dough recipe from the New York Times again and it was great once again. I was short on time so I proofed it on the counter and it was a little bit harder to work with, which could have been due to the heat, but it’s still a keeper and will be my go-to from now on.

And here is our pergola, looking so inviting with those curtains blowing in the breeze. We’re hosting our first Pergola Thursday of the season this week and I’m looking forward to having those seats filled with friends.

Other highlights of the weekend included trimming back a (way) overgrown arborvitae, watching lots of Bridgerton, reading, and time on the deck.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

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  1. George looks like a barely tolerant esquire from the last century surveying his kingdom. That photo is priceless. Yep, newly made pizza dough from that recipe can be a bit more of a challenge, but freezing it will vastly improve that. I would be delighted to split your pizza with you and let Dale keep all of his.

  2. Oh yum! That pizza looks so good. Here’s hoping the heat will ease a little bit before Thursday for your gathering. George looks like he needs a book! LOL

  3. Geoerge has quite the personality. It’s hard for me to decide it he’s ’king of all he surveys’ or more of a lounge lizard in that pose.

    We haven’t had ’fancy pizza’ for quite a while. Maybe we’ll have that, as soon as it isn’t supposed to get up to 1000° every day. Wishing you fair weather for your Pergola Thursday.

  4. I think you were clever to choose a chair that complements George’s coloring. He does look like he is ready to receive requests from his royal subjects. Here’s hoping that things cool down for you; I could barely think straight this weekend!

  5. The heat was just ghastly over the weekend… so oppressive and hard to breathe. But this morning, a new world greeted me! The 60’s! Breathable air! NO HUMIDITY and an expected high of 80! I hope some of this has made it your way!

    I have to laugh at your two very different pizza’s. Yes, I do that here as well… Steve does not like so many things! But I made strawberry shortcake *again* and it was perfection!

  6. Our long-ago cat, Jellybean (the first of the J-pets. . . ), used to sit in chairs just like that!!! So dang charming. Your pergola looks just wonderful — so inviting and cool. Enjoy your gathering – it seems like a perfect setting for summer get-togethers. (Also . . . I’m waiting for Tom to be “off somewhere” so I can watch the 2nd half of this season of Bridgerton. Tom is just . . . not a fan.) XO

  7. oh that pergola! and that pizza!! I haven’t watched any of Bridgerton and it is #1 on my list of things to do the next time Marc leaves town.

  8. I love that photo of your pergola! It’s been ages since I made pizza from scratch — yours looks so good!

    Oof, I have a lot of overgrown stuff that needs trimming! It’s been difficult with all the wet weather but maybe I’ll have a chance this weekend.

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