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Introducing: My New Studio

Today I want to finally share with you finished photos of my studio. Yep. I’m calling it a studio now and not craft room. Want to know something funny? I apparently tried to make this name change back in 2007 when we redid it but I guess it didn’t stick. This time? I promise it will. If you need a refresher, here’s what we did to the room in 2007. And here’s how we updated it in 2010.

It was useful and great for wrapping Christmas gifts but it often became a catch-all for junk. I blame no one but myself for that, it was just so easy to pile stuff up in there since I didn’t really use it much. A  year or two ago I started thinking about how I didn’t like the dark red anymore. And I started thinking that maybe it was time to freshen things up. But we were in the middle of redoing our middle room upstairs for Dale to use as an office and it just wasn’t the right time. Flash forward to this summer: I bought a Cricut (as I have told you many times now) and along with that machine comes stuff. There’s heat transfer vinyl and regular vinyl, there are cutting mats and tools, there are blanks such as bags and t-shirts and glasses to be embellished, and also the machine itself. Plus a heat press that I just so happened to pick up a few weeks ago.


I had a serious conversation with Dale about painting my studio and rearranging the furniture and also stealing from him the horizontal file cabinet we had bought from a friend that he planned on using but hadn’t actually gotten around to using just yet. I explained how perfect it would be for the Cricut with those big deep drawers to put all of the stuff in and, well, the rest is history.

I chose a pretty shade of yellow and Dale painted all the walls the same. It’s a smidge brighter than I wanted but I’m happy with it. Dale also painted the floor white – something I had to really convince him to do.

I still have those cabinets from Ikea but we moved them under the knee wall that’s to the right as you come into the room.

I had always wanted to put them there but couldn’t because it put the yarn right at Mason’s level and that cat just couldn’t resist a good (i.e. expensive) skein of yarn. I still miss him but I do like this arrangement so much better.

I think the room looks bigger and I adore the blinds we got from Budget Blinds. They are Norman Smart Privacy Cordless 2 1/2 inch faux wood blinds with a crown molding valance at the top. We got them for this single window as well as the double windows in this room and in Dale’s office, too. (And also the living room and bedroom and bathroom after I fell in love with them.)

The Cricut sits on that file cabinet and it’s a great spot for it, easily reaching my laptop when it’s on the center island and I’m using the Cricut Design Space software to create projects.

I had my painter extraordinaire, Jen, refinish the little bureau as well as my Nana’s sewing machine table in white chalk paint with a stained top. I love the way these came out – so bright and they look great with the other pieces in the room.

I snagged that blue and white striped chair from our guest room and it’s big and comfy and perfect for reading and hanging out. The light fixture is new, too. I really wanted a chandelier that would hang down but it wasn’t practical for the space so I went with this one. It was very affordable and throws great light and it’s super stylish.

Lots of things didn’t change like the trompe l’oeil fireplace, the yarn sign from the fabric store where I used to work, and that big center island from Ikea. But it still feels like a brand new room to me and I’m inspired to work there frequently.

So. That’s my studio. How do ya like it?


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  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring space to work in! I love that color on the walls, so sunny. We have a giant unfinished room that would be perfect for a studio and I’m dreaming about making that happen, but I think my first goal will be to set up a sewing table somewhere 😉

  2. It looks great! And I love that you are calling it your studio. I tried that a few years ago too and it didn’t stick either. Maybe I should try it again. ?

  3. Deep envy here. And I think you’re going to love that yellow all winter, like a room full of sunshine. I need to look into those blinds, they look sharp.

  4. Wow that is really a spectacular make-over Carole! I love the white floors and the sunny walls – it is an inviting space!

  5. It’s beautiful and I love everything about it! My craft rooms in both NJ and MD are barely even that; they’re guest rooms with closets for yarn storage and open floor space for blocking. Maybe someday I’ll have a craft room as nice as yours. Enjoy!

  6. It looks fantastic! The new paint really makes the room brighter and bigger. It looks like a very cozy place for spending some time crafting or reading!

  7. I love the color and the stripped chair next to the fireplace. It looks cozy and inviting. I share my sewing room with the laundry and a walk-through to the garage and use it more as storage than an actual work space. It’s better than nothing!

  8. Very nice! It looks like such an inviting place for all your creative work or for relaxation, hope you enjoy it!

  9. I love how bright and welcoming it looks. The yellow is just so cheerful (you will love that this winter, I bet). I also have envy over that chair = looks inviting even for a nap!! The room where I have my yarn and stitching stuff…and fabric…and books…is definitely a dumping ground. And it’s at the point where it is frankly overwhelming (and it’s not all me – Fletch has dumped a lot in that room!).

  10. Oh, Carole! It is so, So, SO PERFECT! And having seen the former version of this room, I just gotta say . . . I can’t believe you had this much space!!! I love. And the yellow is going to make you happy every time you walk in the room (and especially in the winter). Well done! XOXO

  11. Beautiful studio, Carole! You and Dale make a good team. Are you comfortable sharing the specifics of the wall color? I enjoy yellow but is hard to find one that is not too much. You hit the mark!

  12. I absolutely love it. You will enjoy being and using that space. I love the bright/soft yellow and white colors. Much about the room reflects your sunny creative personality. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

  13. I LOVE it, Carole! all around it looks like a space that’s great for making all kinds of things. I especially love the brighter colors and the sunshine … and all those flat surfaces!

  14. I LOVE it!!! (Where’d you get that light fixture, BTW? It caught my eye immediately.) I am such a huge fan of natural light–this is definitely my favorite version of that space. (My whole downstairs is painted a lightish yellow with white blinds, no curtains…so I may be a little biased!) I’m also a huge fan of painted floors. I’ll bet you’ll feel loads of inspiration as you crank out projects in there. Enjoy!

  15. The bright yellow is perfect and the room looks elegant and cozy at the same time. Studio, eh? I think that’s a better name than my junque room! You inspire! You’ll enjoy working in your Studio on cold and dreary winter days because it will warm your soul. xo

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