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Not Rhinebeck Bound

Okay, so I have accepted the fact that everyone in the blogging universe is going to Rhinebeck except me. Really, I’m okay with it. Remember Lois? Well, her youngest son is getting married that weekend and I’m going to be here instead of at the biggest fiber festival of the year. It’s okay, though. Really, I’m good. Yup, just fine.

But you know what’s frying my ass about the whole thing? Having to tell eleventy-million people that I’m not going to Rhinebeck. Because everyone assumes that I will be. Or should be. Or something like that. So they keep asking, “you’re going to Rhinebeck, aren’t you?” Sigh. Just saying, “nope, not me,” over and over again is tearing my heart out. Heavy Sigh.

So, on the off chance that there might be one or two other bloggers out there who also aren’t going to Rhinebeck, I made us a button. It’s my first button. Be kind.

Rhinebeck_Button copy.jpg

If you’re not going to Rhinebeck feel free to snag that baby up (but on your own server, please) and put it on your blog. It just might save you the agony of having to repeat, over and over again . . .

You’re. Not. Going. To. Rhinebeck.

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  1. I’m with ya, girlfriend–

    I’m. Not. Going. To. Rhinebeck.

    But next year… WE ARE GOING TO RHINEBECK!!!

    Make sure you tell your friends and family that you’re unavailable that weekend in 2006. (It’ll give us a whole year to make room in our stash.)

    And one more thing–great job on the button!

  2. I will take button too :(…me not going. Too expensive to go from here to the other side of the country.
    snif, snif.

  3. I’m sorry I won’t get to meet you! Next year….

    So, any goodies that people should snag for you while they are there? That is what you should post next; the “Feel sorry for me because I’m not there wish list”. 😉

  4. Hey! Yesterday I started work on a similar button. It was going to be for the “Eat Worms With Me” Pout-a-Long. It’s not just about missing Rhinebeck. It was about missing the chicago thing with Bonne Marie and Franklin and Stephanie and others, and the Vermont thing with Norma and Cate and Juno and Lee Ann. I even went so far as to look for a graphic of a pig eating worms. Except i don’t have any button making software.

  5. Eat worms! Hahahahahahahahah. That Marcia. She’s bad to the core.

    To answer your question: Motherwort: great for all things female, especially PMS, period cramps, and even great for labor, post-partum contractions, etcetera. “wort” is the plant suffix that means…um…”plant.” Heh. So it’s mother’s plant. It’s absolutely awesome for relaxing tension without feeling drugged. Quite amazing, actually.

  6. We will most certainly miss you. Now what’s this Risa tells me about you coming over to the dark side? You know, there *will* be a little fiber fest in Greenfield MA at the end of October…

  7. i’m not going to rhinebeck either. but do you know why? because my husband has a big exam the following week and i want to be around so that i can help him study. so there. it’s because i’m not selfish and i’m a good supportive wife. ha! take that you selfish rhinebeck going people 😛

    thanks for the button carole!

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