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Another Postcard

For those of you asking, here’s a photo of me in my Civil War clothing.

Yes, I’m wearing a corset. It’s custom made so it’s not too horrible. Just don’t ask me to run up a flight of stairs or I might get the vapors. And, yes, that’s the Kiri shawl. Dale and I both thought it looked pretty good with my new dress.

Here’s a list of what a woman in the 1860s put on, from first to last: pantaloons (mine were flannel this weekend, thank goodness), chemise, corset, corset cover, under-the-hoop petticoat, hoop, over-the-hoop petticoat, dress. If you’re smart you remember to put your shoes on first because it’s difficult to bend over once the corset is on. It’s a lot of clothing to wear and it takes a bit of time to get dressed!

And, for all you readers who want to show the men in your life the uniform, here’s Dale, dressed in his finest and ready to participate in the luminary on Saturday night. My friend Kathy and I walked through the National Cemetery to view this while our men were in the Honor Guard and it was really moving. Every Civil War soldier’s grave had a luminary candle on it. Thousands of them glowing in the night made for a beautiful, but sad, sight. I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to spoil the reverence and solemnity of the moment so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

On the way out yesterday we briefly stopped at the Visitor’s Center because Dale wanted me to see this spinning wheel.

It was in the home where Jennie Wade was shot and killed. Jennie was the only civilian to be killed in the Battle of Gettysburg, which is pretty remarkable when you realize that the fighting completely engulfed the town.

I was in awe of this wheel and its beauty. I took a close up of the flyer to show you how small the hooks are! Neat, huh?

So, we are home, safe and sound. I’ll tell you all about The Mannings tomorrow!

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  1. How cool. I used to live and work in Manassas National Battlefield Park. Every morning I woke up and thought about the fight that took place there. It was an incredibly powerful place.

  2. YOu look Great! I grew up in Manassas, Va, just steps from the battlefield there. I LOVE civil war history…. my husband thinks I am a bit srange because I have such a passion for it.

    I do miss living back east. My goal is to get back there one day. California is nice but I miss the history of the east coast!

  3. I’m ready to faint just think about all those clothes! Dale is looking mighty handsome in his uniform!

    The luminary sounds very moving – I can imagine all those candles. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh, very cool! My interest in genealogy has led to an enhanced interest in the Civil War, piqued several years ago when I found a GAR marker at an ancestor’s gravesite. DH’s family has some amazing Civil War connections, too. I just love that stuff!

  5. You look perfectly dressed for the era! The red dress is very attractive with the beautiful shawl. The Civil War is such a sad and amazing time in our countries history. How wonderful you can relive it in this way.

  6. I had never heard of the Jennie Wade house, but thank you for sharing that (and you look great in your dress and Kiri shawl too!).

    That wheel looks a lot like the one I bought at auction 8 years ago. Cool!

  7. Nifty! DH and I come from opposite sides of the Mason-Dixon, which sometimes makes for interesting conversation. I often wonder how we’d fare if we got involved in re-enacting. 🙂

  8. Civil War Re-enacting! Those were the days. My husband Tom & I got married on a Thursday night, after giving everyone 2 weeks notice, so that we could go to the re-enactment of the Battle of Bull-Run, Manassas, VA. Our best friend, Maurice, passed away in Feb. 2005. He was the leader of the First Virginia. Tom & I were married in 1971. I use to be able to wear an original dress top – without a corset. Can’t do it today. too many cookies. I really miss those days.

  9. You look stunning, even if you can barely breathe.. what fun to dress up and show off your shawl. Your sweetie looks pretty impressive, and I am glad you also got to participate in the remembrance ceremony.

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