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A Postcard

Greetings from Gettysburg! Dale and I are here in sunny, but cold, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to celebrate Remembrance Day. I thought I’d give you all a quick update with some photos of what we’ve been doing so far.

Dale is, of course, wearing his new socks.

The parade overflows with flags and soldiers. It’s a spectacular sight and the music is really rousing.

Dale and Matt both bought new “period correct” pipes. Here they are enjoying their first smoke.

Our dear friends, Prussian Ambassador and Mrs. Wilhelm Runk. Oh, and their dog, Buford.

So far we’ve shopped here and here and here and here. We’ve eaten here and here. And tonight we’re eating here. And we’ve had lots of this to drink.

More rousing adventures in my next post!

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  1. My husband and I enjoyed the pictures — he especially loved the one of Dale and Matt with their pipes. Hope you are staying warm!

  2. It is so cool that you dress up. A hooped skirt isn’t so bad for day, is it? I might feel a little too romantic about that and not like it at all. Is it chilly underneath? (You’ll have to knit wool underwear. LOL)
    Your knitting and spinning will fit right in with the costuming. Shawls, gloves, underwear…I see lots of knitting and spinning in your future;-)

  3. Thanks for the postcards.

    My husband works with someone that was in Gettysburg, this weekend! Funny!

    I really like the socks. I keep wanting to knit a pair of white socks. You know you can never have too many projects on the needles…unless you run out of needles!

  4. Your photos are making me feel all sentimental…*sniffle* I really miss the reenactment life…

    Anywho, Dale looks very dashing! When do we get to see you? How’s the drafty hoopskirt feelin’ ;o)

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