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A Letter to Santa

Dear Dale Santa,
I’ve been a very good wife mother knitter spinner blogger grrl this year. Here is my Christmas list. These items are in no particular order. If you just get them all, I’ll be quite happy.

ALL of these books, please. Knitting, spinning, dyeing, I want need them all.

One of these. With two extra bobbins, if you wouldn’t mind. Lots of my spinning and blogging friends have recommended this. They say it’s great.

This wheel. And maybe this one, too, if you’re feeling flush. That one makes the first one look like a bargain, don’t it?

A comfy stool for spinning next to the woodstove. Where it’s warm. You don’t want me to be cold while I’m spinning, do you?

Some more of this, because I’m thinking I would like enough to knit a sleeping bag liner. That was your idea, after all.

How about some yarn? This is good. And so is this. But if you’re overwhelmed, just go with this. It’s easy. And so nice to give business to a friend, don’t you think?

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Your friend,

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  1. Excellent list. I hope Santa was reading! Love the idea of making the Caddy look like a better option by including the Rolls Royce 😉

  2. I only have one thing on my list ;o)

    I do like yours, however. If I get what I want this year maybe I’ll have to copy you next year…

  3. Oh I forgot to ask – how do you like the new Grafton? I’m waiting for them to have it at Audible so I can listen while I knit :o)

  4. You had to do that, didn’t you? You had to make me buy some Schaefer Anne because no one else is going to buy it for me!

  5. Clearly not naughtly this year ;-). Cool list — let’s hope Mrs. Claus is not a spinner or none of it may make it out of the North Pole.

  6. Carole…thanks so much for my final secret pal package. You have been really fantastic and I hope Santa fulfills your wish list 🙂

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