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Random Wednesday

Ripped off shamelessly from Cate, I present a Random Wednesday post.

Took this picture of the sky last Saturday night. I saw the colors and I had to do it for Sandy’s sake.

While some people are busy making baked goods for their family for the holiday, others are making booze. Yup, this is the annual making of Glogg, a Swedish tradition in our house. If you want to come over on Christmas Eve to sample some, consider yourself invited.

Finally, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any pictures of the most beautiful baby in the world. Yes, indeed, Ambrynn came by for a visit on Sunday.


There’s nothing like holding and snuggling a happy baby and it was a nice break from the wrapping and the baking and the candy making! And isn’t her sweater the cutest thing? There’s a bonnet, too, but she wasn’t wearing it in the house. But so cute! And made by her grandmother Patti in Florida.

I think that’s enough randomness for this post! Tomorrow: finished Jaywalkers!

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  1. so pretty, the happy baby.

    and isn’t it funny. when i see a beautiful sky i think of sandy too.

    unfortunately these days i’m stuck in an office without a window during the beautiful sky portions of our day.

  2. Aww, looks like a very happy baby!

    I’ve never tried glogg, but I do remember a restaurant chain from when I was little, that had “Grogg”–a big, showcase kind of drink that, whenever you ordered it, you got a pin that said, “I got Grogged at Emerson’s.” None of us are big drinkers, but Mom ordered one once, just for the pin. I, of course, never did because the restaurant was gone well before I was 21!

    And, your kitchen? At a quick glance, for a second there, I thought it looked just like ours. It doesn’t quite, but that corner is certainly similar. (

  3. Just give me your address and I’ll be there. OK, not really, we’ll be in Maine. But hot alcoholic concoctions… mmmmm.

    (According to NOAA it was -6, yes, minus six, at Hanscom this morning.)

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