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Superbowl Sock Knitting

Did you all see the Super Bowl Sunday Challenge over at Scout’s place yesterday? The idea was to take a picture of your knitting at the beginning of the day and then again before going to bed. You know I can’t resist a challenge, right?

Here’s my Bloomin’ Feet Jaywalker Sock yesterday morning.

Here’s my Bloomin’ Feet Jaywalker Sock last night. (Why is it yesterday morning and last night? Why do we not say yesterday morning and yesterday night? Or last morning and last night? I want symmetry in my writing and this isn’t working.)

I realize the photo quality is crap. Sorry about that. I attempted to use the Log Cabin quilt as a grid, hoping that the strips on the quilt would serve to show how much progress I made. Sadly, I’m not sure that comes across. Let me just say, I had about 4 inches of the leg done at the start and by bedtime last night I had finished the leg, completed the heel flap, turned the heel, completed the gusset and started the regular foot part. Whew! No wonder my hands are sore today.

I’m quite sure that other people made more significant progress than I, as I’m not the world’s fastest knitter, so I don’t have much hope of winning Scout’s contest. Nevertheless, I am pleased with yesterday’s progress and I’m pretty confident I’ll finish that sock today.

And you know what that means! I get to start a pair of socks for me!

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  1. I’m impressed. I’m currently knitting my 1st sock and it’s going much slower than that (it’s a k1,p1 ribbing, which I don’t love to do).

    Good point! I don’t know why we don’t say last morning or yesterday night. Maybe if you start, others will follow…and 20 years from now, those saying will be really common. 🙂

  2. Well, good progress I think. I am no speed demon either and I think you did quite a lot!!

  3. Oooooh! I see a front runner fo sho! I pretty much got jack done. *sigh* IT looks great. There is nothing more satisfying than turning a heel!

  4. Look like you made loads of progress, Carole. I started the sock on my page yesterday morning, didn’t like the cuff, ripped it out, started over, and got as far as you see on my blog. I knit a few rows of Torino here and there, but I’m getting really bogged down in it all of a sudden.

  5. I like the use of quilt as measuring stick! Very clever. I wish I’d heard about this yesterday, I got a lot of knitting done but took no photos!

  6. That’s so funny because I was noticing the quilt block before I noticed there was soemthing else there I should be looking at. lol
    You amaze me at doing socks, I’ve got to learn that heel-turn-thingy. One of these days. Your yarn color looks great, too.

  7. WooHoo! You’re on the home stretch! Looks great. How can you say you didn’t do much? When you use teeny-weeny needles with thin yarn it takes a long time. Then again, I’ve yet to knit a sock, so what do I know! 😉

  8. My knitting went in a negative direction…..yep, frog pond.
    Will count my hanks tonight, plus the 3 KSH balls from yesterday…………

  9. I missed that challenge! I could have done well, too I got loads of knitting done yesterday. Oh well, next time.

    That’s extremely good progress on your Jaywalkers, I think. And being closer to another pair of socks for you is even better!

  10. Before I comment, I’m going to roll my eyes at Dave’s comment to you. Honestly. Anyone that can spin and knit the gorgeousness that he does can certainly manage a silly little sock heel. 🙂

    I looooove those Jaywalkers! So pretty and I noticed the log cabin quilt right off! It makes a nice backdrop for that lovely sock. It’s so inspiring, I’m going to have to start another Jaywalker.

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