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H is for Hoops

I guess it’s a little known fact that I’m a big fan of women’s college basketball. So, last week when I announced that I was going to the NCAA Women’s Final Four in Boston, people were surprised. I’m sure no one was surprised that I started a sock in honor of the occasion, though.

It’s true that I haven’t always watched this sport but a few years ago, when Hannah started playing basketball in a town league, I started watching the college basketball games. I learned a lot ahd discovered that I really enjoy watching! Being from New England, I am a UConn fan. But I also love Tennessee. I was thrilled when both Diana Taurasi of UConn and Pat Summitt, the coach of the Lady Vols, were at Sunday night’s game to be selected for the NCAA 25th Anniversary Dream Team.

Neither of my favorite teams made it to the Final Four but the games themselves were a blast. For one thing, Duke has a very entertaining band.

For another, Jo Dee Messina sang the National Anthem at Tuesday night’s game. In true Boston style, she was flanked by an honor guard of Revolutionary War soldiers.

Oh, and there was basketball played, too! There were two games on Sunday night, North Carolina vs Maryland and Duke vs LSU. The final game on Tuesday night was between Duke and Maryland. Now, I like Duke but most people in the stands were cheering for Maryland – I think primarily because Duke had beaten UConn in the Sweet 16. Anyway, it was an exciting game and Maryland won in overtime.

Between the two late night games and the Daylight Savings Time, I was dragging my ass for most of last week. But it was worth it!

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  1. It could have been, Margene. Great post! Amazing what you can develop an interest in if your kid gets involved.

  2. Cool! I loved when Gracie played in our local league. Love Margene’s comment though. Kevin and I both cracked up over your basement comment. Clearly, he has issues!!

  3. You know, I didn’t even know the woman’s final four was in Boston until I heard it on the radio… looks like you had a great time!

  4. Me, too! I was thinking hoop skirt… do you wear an actual hoop skirt? I’m a huge fan of sports that my kids are involved in — okay, sport (singular) and for one season only (softball — but Ali was the cutest catcher there ever was!) — or any that I can watch in person. There’s just something about being there…

  5. I was imagining embroidery hoops. (And here I thought I knew ya!) That is a fantastic photo of the sock from the nose-bleed seats. And your colors match, too.

  6. Great post! Good job with going the unexpected route *grin*

    I haven’t been able to go to an arena anything since my…issue…started. ;o) That first photo made me lightheaded!

  7. Dude, I don’t think you’re ALLOWED to call yourself a UConn fan and simultaneously like Pat Summitt. Though I find it hard to hate her, I’ve been convinced by friends who have inside information about her hateful and discriminatory homophobia.

    Though some of her players over the years have rocked. I’ll give you that. But dude, UConn, all the way.

    Remember the ABL? My friends and I used to be huge fans of the dismal Hartford team, the New England Blizzard. They lost constantly, but had the highest attendance in the league, regularly selling out the Hartford Civic Center, with Jennifer Rizzotti as point guard and a few other UConn alums starting. Central New England is the world HQ for women’s basketball, and it’s a total shame we don’t have a WNBA team here.

    Another thing we have in common. I’ll have to start watching again…

  8. Funny, the first thing that came to my mind was hoop skirts (probably because you’ve mentioned reenactments so often). Glad to see the sock enjoyed itself.

  9. Just so everyone knows, she says I “started” basketball. Well I also stopped. I, like my mother, am NOT athletic. A whole season and I made 1 basket, so I quit.

  10. Pat Summit, hey, don’t say that too loud. You’re in UConn territory or at least I am. We live here in Storrs, the campus is 5 minutes away. It’s always a hoot for this 4’11 gal, to find herself standing next to someone 6’+ , deciding what shampoo to buy at CVS. Ann Strother is tall, Taurasi yeah, but Kara Wolters, and coach Dailey, now that’s like a circus event.

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