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Holy Potluck Picnic, Batman!

I’m throwing up the knit signal, courtesy of my buddy, The Bookish Girl, to make sure you all know about the bloggers potluck picnic gathering at New Hampshire Sheep & Wool this coming Saturday.

Remembering what a great time we had when Cate organized one for Connecticut, I asked her if we could do it again. We strong armed Kellee into helping us organize and Julia offered up her advice on a spot. So, if you’re interested, please meet up at Noon and bring some food to share with everyone. If the weather is fine we’ll gather on the patch of grass between the dog trials area and the main festival. And if the weather is inclement (NO!NO!) then we’ll meet at the covered picnic tables by the alpacas. Hope to see many of you there!

And, as further proof that the weather is crap and I can’t take picture of flowers or knitting outside or nothing, I’m jumping on the quiz bandwagon.
Take MY Quiz

It was fun creating this, I can’t wait to see the results!

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  1. That is a GREAT logo. (When I first saw it, in my sleey haze, I thought it was a bagel with a pair of knitting needles in it. I’ve gotta get to Dunkin Donuts this morning…) Looking forward to finally meet you in person wtih your celebrity husband! (You’ll recognize me as the love child of Billy Bob Thornton and Pee Wee Herman.)

  2. I’ll probably see you there! I just got the okay from Mr. Phil, so we’ll be trekking up to touch the fleece saturday. I decided after the Connecticut show there was a lot that might entertain him as well. Besides, after the Kittery Fishing Expo, I figure he owes me big-time! Turkey and honeymustard wraps anyone?

  3. I must be clicking that link wrong – when I try to take your quiz, the link takes me to an administrative site – the one where you cut & paste the html to insert it onto your page.

    (not that I would have done all that well on your quiz anyway)

    I hope you guys have nice weather this weekend – it is supposed to be lousy around here.

  4. Okay took the quiz (not easy for someone with a horrible memory like me) and now I’m late for work ;o) I didn’t do as bad as I expected, but I found out that I only know you half as well as I thought I did *grin*

    See you Saturday (hopefully)! :o)

  5. I still can’t believe that I know about all of you and this kinda stuff AFTER I move away from NH.


  6. Oh, I wish I was going. I don’t think it would be good for my wallet to go to 3 fiber festivals in a row though! 😉 Have fun!

  7. I didn’t do so great on the quiz. Have you seen the weather forecast lately? Be on the lookout for animals in pairs. Sigh. I am still pouting cuz I can’t go. (And the fact that the forecast basically says “rain until further notice” does not improve my mood.)

  8. Have a blast at New Hampshire S & W … I;m sure there will be much laughter and lots of yarns.
    Great “Knitman” signal.. 🙂

  9. I love the bat signal!

    I suck, by the way. I pretty much failed your quiz. I had better luck guessing on Cara’s yesterday.

  10. awesome ‘bat signal’
    i’m excited about the potluck! fianlly can put some names to faces!

    i’ll be the one with the really awful roots!

  11. OMG… I so sucked rocks on your quiz. Sheesh. I have no memory anymore. Will you still like me even though I failed your quiz?

  12. Ok I sucked too! 3 out of 10, yikes!! Perhaps you need to be more obvious with your facts hun? Well I totally stole this from you anyway! 🙂

    Have an amazing time Saturday!

  13. Damn, 3 out of 10. I really thought I’d rock this one.

    I’m still using my reverse psychology on the weather and predicting rain. But it rained last year and it was still fun!

  14. Thanks for organizing the picnic. I’m planning on bringing pasta salad – fusilli with homemade pesto, and veggies which match. My quiz score did not suck (50!), much to my great surprise.

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