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My Island Companions

Of course, my constant companion here on Sleeve Island is the Everyday Cardigan. The sleeves and I are sick of each other but we’re progressing. Would you care to see the things here with us in paradise?

There are growing things:
Ahhh, peonies in my garden at last. I love their perfume.

Speaking of perfume, I wish you could smell this Lemon Verbena. It’s heavenly.

We will have radishes soon!

And bugs:

Anyone know what kind of moth this is? I found it on the deck the other night when I came home from quilting spinning.

And books:

Laurie recommended the one about fleeces. And the other, well, how can I call myself a knitter without this book in my library?

And yarn:

This is the yarn my Dye Pal Stephanie sent me. I love it! She also sent some fiber along for me to spin and that’s fabulous, too.

My exile to vacation on Sleeve Island is almost over. I should have a souvenir very soon!

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  1. it’s a dead moth, right?

    i planted some sunflowers awhile back that are now underwater like rice in a rice patty. or cranberry bog. (i was going to type blog)

  2. Very pretty peonie – mine haven’t opened yet, and I’m waiting very impatiently ;o)

    The yarn is beautiful! And that moth is…frightening…

  3. I am knitting the Tomten Jacket right now from Lady Zimmerman’s book 🙂 This is the first time I have knit one of her “patterns” and they are so liberating.

    The yarn you received is just lovely by the way it looks so soft.

  4. My garden is being eatten by both bugs and I think chipmunks.

    Grrrr. Your flowers/plants are beautiful!

  5. What glorious pix, and glorious yarn! I have KWT (it’s as you say), but not ISC. Hmm, maybe a rainy-day trip to the bookstore…

  6. You lucky lady! That dyed yarn is magnificent! That is a cool picture of the moth, although I would not want it anywhere near my stash 🙂

  7. Boy, am I ever a dope. I didn’t get that “sleeve island” was a knitting thing, not a vacation……..duh. I’ll be back in form soon?

  8. Peonies….so pretty and white is rare around here. The yarn your dye pal sent is gorgeous! Fabulous in fact. You’ll be back from sleeve island before you know it…just’s the process, baby;-)

  9. I’ve been looking for lemon verbena! If you ever feel comfortable dividing it, I’d be so pleased to have a little division.

  10. Oooh. I love lemon verbena. Especially in soap. 😉

    The moth is pretty–am I the only one who thinks so? (I freak out when people post pictures of spiders, though.)

  11. That peony is gorgeous!! Ours are just about to open and every morning I go straight to the window to check on them. None yet – but I’m crossing my fingers! The rain is supposed to let up this weekend, and I’m thinking that when they realize it’s sunny out, they’ll poke their little faces out for me.

    (And why is the moth dangerous? Because it eats wool or is it poisonous or something? I kind of thought it was pretty…)

  12. That peony is beautiful. Love the yarn you got from your dye swap pal. Hope your off sleeve island soon!

  13. A very peaceful colorway on your gift yarn, to soothe you on Sleeve Island… sounds like we will get to see you in your creation after all.

  14. I love you Peony and other growing garden babies! Your new yarn is lovely too!

    I have no idea what kind of moth it is but it’s beautiful! And I’m quite sure it is not a WOOL m*th so the stash is safe 🙂

  15. When I first bought In Sheep’s Clothing, I was not impressed. It felt inaccessible and dry. That was before I ever handled fleece. Now I’m actually reading it and understanding and appreciating it!

  16. Hurry back…we miss you! The flowers are lovely, I thought the first one was a gardinia. psssst…Norma’s poppies are pretty too! :))

  17. Are you doing two sleeves at one time? I’ve always found that discouraging (I never feel like I’m getting anywhere).

  18. Love the pix! Our peonies are done. They are usually in full bloom by Memorial Day. I did take pictures, but am possibly keeping them for “P”. (even though I’m STILL stuck on “J”!).

  19. We don’t get interesting looking moths around here. They’re just plain old miller moths that flutter around and make the cats knock over lamps in an attempt to catch them on the other side of the window.

    Your peonies are gorgeous. I’ve always loved peonies.

  20. I’m in love with your peony. They may be my favorite flower. I love the soft damp scent of them and the fragility.

  21. Is that moth as big as it looks? What’s the wingspan on that baby? It’s fascinating–in a kinda creepy way.

    Looking forward to meeting you in EP!


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