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What I’ve Been Knitting

A tisket, a tasket
A cotton loaded basket

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been bitten by the Mason Dixon dishcloth bug. They’re useful! They’re quick! They’re cotton so they don’t stick to me in all this humidity!




They are my knitting of choice these days, my friends. If you haven’t tried one yet, I think it’s about time.


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  1. I’m half-way through my first one. There ARE addictive, but lots of fun. Love the colors side by side in the basket.

  2. Those look lovely. And I never thought I’d say that about a wash cloth. Great colours.

  3. There great!! I like the texture… Great basket full of colors! Love it! Stay cool! suppose to be hot this week! Yikes!

  4. I LOVE your dishrags. That’s what I should be working on in this weather, instead of a one-piece wool sweater. Duh.

    A few months ago, I apologetically shared a cotton dishrag I had made, since it was not a hip kind of knit, but it was easy and practical, far superior to bought dishrags. Then Mason-Dixon came out and suddenly dishrags are cool.

    I guess I’m ahead of my time.

  5. They looks so pretty and cheerful in that basket with all the bright colors. I think you’re right, I do need to try one. 🙂

  6. I, too, have been bitten by the warshrag bug this summer, although I am making dishtowels (inspired by NonaKnits) as I am a sponge-user to wash dishes, but love a dishtowel for other jobs.

  7. Oh my gosh they are so cute!! Wouldn’t a couple of them tied up with ribbon be a lovely gift? The basket full is truly eye candy.

  8. How funny that as I hear the words “A tisket, a tasket, I lost my yellow basket” (Ella Fitzgerald) I pull up your post. 🙂

    They look great in the basket, so bright and cheerful.

  9. Just too cute! And me, working on my sweater…
    Just might have to set that aside and whip up a few of these!

    Oh, and I just have to ask…where did you get that basket?

  10. The dishcloths are reall great summer knitting! Especially with all the hot and humid days we’ve been having this summer.

  11. Love the photo with the basket! I can certainly relate to the “bug”, as I made a few dozen last fall for Katrina relief centers… easy to carry around and work on without really thinking about it. You picked some snazzy, bright color combos, too.

  12. I just got the book yesterday and just finished reading the dishcloth section. I’ll have to check out my cotton stash to see what I could use for dishcloths now.

  13. I’m stock piling them myself. I figure they’ll make a nice contribution to the homemade cheese and liquer gifts we have come to be known for around holiday time! 🙂

  14. I think you might have just won the esteemed title of “Dishrag Poster Child.” If the basket full of color doesn’t make the holdouts run to Michael’s, I don’t know what will! Your crown is in the mail!

  15. OK – well if I wasn’t interested, I am now. Guess I’ll be looking for cotton at work tomorrow since I just bought the the book to look at the Log Cabin Blanket patterns!

  16. Ack! I am trying to resist! (It seems like I expend all my energy these days trying to resist crazes sweeping the knitblog world — socks, spinning, dyeing, and now dishcloths.) But those are so bright and cheery and so gosh darn useful looking, I feel my will power starting to crack.

    Must. Be. Strong!!

  17. Cute! I like the way you organized them for the photo shoot. Dishcloth? Warshrag? Either? It’s been hard being faithful to wool this past month.

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