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Q is for Quilt

I made my first quilt in 1998. Since then I’ve made lots and lots of quilts, all by machine. Since I started knitting so much, though, I hardly ever quilt. In fact, I have 3 quilts in progress right now and I don’t think I’ve touched any of them in months. But you know what? It’s sort of okay because my house is full of quilts. Want to see?

There are quilts on beds, of course.

And quilts on the backs of couches for snuggling on chilly nights.


And quilts on quilt racks.

There are quilts on tables. Some are tablecloths.


And some are placemats.


There are sometimes quilts drying on the deck railing.

And there are even quilts on the walls.



So, while I am determined to finish those 3 quilts that I’ve started, it’s not like we’re having a shortage of quilts over here at Carole Knits. Because, you see, I used to quilt obsessively. Kind of like how now I knit obsessively.

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  1. Your quilts are beautiful! I’ve always wanted learn to how to make quilts but I suppose I should learn how to sew in a straight line first!

  2. That one hanging over the footboard of the bed is just stunning! I had no idea you were such a prolific quilter. What a houseful of heirlooms!

  3. It’s funny how one passion over takes another. Too bad we don’t have time for all the creative energy we contain! Great Q and thanks for showing your beautiful quilts.

  4. You need to send one of those quilts to live at my house so it can be THE star of the house, intead of just another of the quilts in your house! GRIN… They are all beautiful! I love quilts but I don’t live quilting. All those sharp needles! YIKES!

  5. WOW!! They’re absolutely beautiful–each one of them! I’m so impressed. Must. Repress. Desire. To start Quilting.

  6. “Quite” amazing! “Quite” jealous of the talent and patience. Lovely work, Carole. You put some of us to shame.

  7. I used to quilt a little bit before I began knitting, but now I can’t put down the sticks long enough to rev up the sewing machine. The quilts you have made are beautiful works of art, and it’s nice to see that you put them to good use.

  8. holy mackerel carole, you do have alot of quilts but…. you could use a few more.

  9. We’ve had such similar hobbies~ too funny. Your quilts are incredible – it would be difficult to say which is my favorite (perhaps the star tablecloth one) but I also got quite a chuckle out of the re-enactment quilt ! 🙂

  10. I love that sweet little nine-patch draped over the footboard. I’m a sucker for the simple patterns, like four- or nine-patch, bear paw, and churn dash. 🙂

  11. Being sewing impaired, I am totally impressed. Along with rug hooking and weaving, quilting is on my list of skills to master as soon as I have time.

  12. Wow, they are all so beautiful! I would love to try my hand at that one of these days. I need a sewing machine first I guess. And maybe a few sewing lessons. 🙂 Someday…

  13. lol! From one obsession to another. The quilts are beautiful. You should bring them to PA and sell them – the tourists pay big money for them (but you have to say they’re Amish quilts). 🙂

    Like Lucia, I’m sewing impared.

  14. It’s sort of like how they used to prescribe morphine to ‘cure’ alcoholism and then later they prescribed cocaine to ‘cure’ morphine addicts.

    Or something. 😉

  15. Another trait we share, loving to quilt but loving fiber more! I like the re-enactment photo quilt. You are right, once all the surfaces are covered with quilts, it’s time to move on… now, if one of the kids decides to present a grandchild, there will definitely be more quilting! (AND knitting).

  16. You know, I have quilted, too, and recently thought about breaking out the old sewing machine. When I was in the south recently, I went with my sister-in-law to a quilting shop, and signed her for classes. The fabrics were wonderful! Much better selection than there was 15 years ago.

    Yours are lovely!!!

  17. So gorgeous – so inspiring! I really am going to break out my sewing machine one of these days and figure out how to thread it . . .

  18. I love this Q entry Carole – all so pretty and I’m sure your family enjoys the way it makes the house feel cozy and homey with the quilts and knitting and everything around. 🙂

  19. Your quilts are lovely!
    Sigh, it’s a bummer how one can really only be totally obsessed with 1 thing at a time. All my quilts are crying for attention now that I’ve just been knitting, too.

  20. I am sooo impressed by your all around skill! You garden, you knit, AND you quilt so beautifully. You are one talented lady! The quilts are beautiful and the socks are equally beautiful! It is nice to read the blog of such a creative person!
    Happy knitting, sewing, and quilting!

  21. There IS a shortage! I don’t yet see quilts as wall-coverings, curtains, or welcome mats in your home! I urge you to attend to that quilt deficiency immediately.

    In seriousness, those are truly beautiful. I think my favorite one is the one hanging on the railing drying.

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