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P is for Pizza


There are all kinds of pizza and everyone has a favorite. Mine is bar pizza because it’s the pizza I ate when I was a kid. And, if I’m going to be really specific, my favorite is bar pizza from The Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton. Nope, it’s not on the Cape but they’ve been in business in the same location since 1939 and I think it’s the best pizza in the world!


I have so many memories associated with this pizza. When I was growing up, Sundays meant church, dinner (which was always a roast of some kind) and then pizza for supper. We always got it from “The Cod” because it was the closest to our house but also because it was my parent’s favorite. My mother used to say that when they were really poor they used to count their pennies on Sunday nights to see if they had ten cents to buy a plain pizza. Things were much different by the time I came along and we pretty much bought a pizza per person. Mine was always pepper and onion.


Nowadays The Cod is a respectable family style restaurant but years ago it was basically a dive and we always got our pizza to go because my parents wouldn’t have brought my brothers and I there to eat. We would phone in our order and my dad would go pick it up. In fact, the phone number to this restaurant was probably one of the first phone numbers I memorized other than my own! And I still know it by heart and I still call in the order only now it’s my husband, not my dad, who goes to pick up the pizza.


P is for Pizza. It’s more than just a food, it’s a memory!

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  1. It sounds like a great place, and I think it’s really neat that you’ve been able to go to the same place forever!

  2. I had never heard of the word “pizza” until I was maybe 16 years old. Sad, isn’t it? THAT is how far out in the boonies we lived. And a couple started making it and selling it in our little town. Theirs was unlike any pizza I’ve had since then — it was less saucy, less cheesy….with very thick crust. I don’t know how to describe it compared to the pizzas I’ve had since then. It was good, but yours looks better. Now in the little town we live, we have an overabundance of pizza places. They all make ok pizza — one or two even GOOD pizza. But I definitely don’t have a longstanding childhood memory of it. Nice that you do, and that looks like REALLY GOOD pizza!

  3. mmmm…i was just talking about MA pizza yesterday. Now, I didn’t really care for MA pizza. Although, there was a chain I liked–they put an olive in the middle–Betucci’s. However! Cohasset had an awesome little pizza place–Chicken Bacon Ranch. OMG!! You have to try it!! Have no idea what the name of the place was…

  4. I LOVE pizza. And we had a similar dive in downtown Natick that we would order from every Friday night. As an adult, I’ve acquired a taste for pepperoni, black olive, mushrooms, onion and garlic pizza from the little Italian restaurant around the corner. Mmmm…P is for PIZZA!

  5. Cape Cod Cafe is legendary- my husband has the same childhood memories! I wish there was something like that in Plymouth. Have a great time on the Cape!

  6. I second the Brown Jug in Chelsea. My Sunday evening meal is pizza at Doyle’s. It’s very good. I have found memories of bar pizza in NJ, where I grew up. The Star, the Starlight, the Sunset. All wonderful dives with great pizza. Mmmmm.

    Is it time for lunch yet?

  7. Mmmm…now I’m hungry. And here it is a dive called the Fleur de Lis. I wonder if I can resist the call of pizza today?

  8. This is not a nice thing to do to a woman who is having a root canal this afternoon. I don’t think you can put pizza in a blender, not without losing a certain something, anyway.

  9. mmm pizza. i ate so much of it in college that i spent many years NOT eating it. but do love it. especially peppers and onion — which makes me burp afterwards.

  10. Mmmm… bar pizza is the best. I don’t know what they do to it that makes it different from pizza-store pizza (extra grease? cheaper ingredients?), but somehow it just tastes better. Maybe that’s the beer talking.

  11. My favorite pizza place was called Primos and it was fabulous–super thin crust with a hint of cornmeal underneath, aromatic sauce . . . yum. Unfortunately, it burned down about 15 years ago, during a rash of set fires (which turned out to be set by a glory-seeking fire-fighter) and it never came back. I can still remember how that pizza tasted . . . sigh.

    Okay, now I’m ready for lunch!

  12. I wonder if they deliver – to Minnesota? It’s really hard to get good pizza in the Midwest. I grew up on the east coast and it’s one of the many good food items I miss. Yummmmmmmmmm…

  13. Oh my god, I just had to look at this 20 minutes before lunch when I’m starving! And all I have is lo-fat yogurt and some fruit, which is going to be supremely unsatsifying after seeing those pictures!

  14. Figures I’d drop in here right about lunch time!!

    My dad always liked garbage pizzas and would even order anchovies sometimes. I remember going to the pizza parlor in person (very rare occasion for a family w/5 kids) for the twins’ birthdays one year and we waited and waited and waited for-EVER for those pizzas to be made and brought to us. The area where we were seated was elevated one step up from the main floor and — you know what’s coming, don’t you? — the waitress tripped on the step and our pizzas landed with a splat on the floor at our feet.

  15. We overdid it on pizza when we first bought our house in 1998 and had to resurrect its kitchen, starting with tieing in to the new town water system that had bypassed it several years before. There was a pizza parlor down the block, and we must have had it three times a week or more.. but your paean to pizza has me considering…

  16. bar pizza from the venus cafe in whitman every friday nite when I was a kid. yum have a great vacation, I’m off to Sturgis tomorrow morn

  17. House of Pizza in Marblehead, 35 years ago: 631-4898 I can still remember the number, no idea if the place still exists. Thanks for the memory trigger. I’ll be on the Cape in two weeks, Yay!

  18. Ahhhhh, Massachusetts pizza. Memphis pizza is truly atrocious. Love the BBQ-miss good pizza. I grew up at Town Spa pizza in Stoughton-not the new location but the dive across the street from the post office. The Cape pictures look spectacular to a transplant like myself. I love your blog Carole-the knitting is stupendous and the New England stuff is a taste of my childhood!

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