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V is for Viking


I bought my first sewing machine in 1997. I remember calling my mom and asking her what features I should look for in a machine. She told me to cover the basics and then make sure it also made nice buttonholes and had a blind hem stitch. At the time, I didn’t even know what a blind hem stitch was, but I trusted my mother’s advice completely and off I went.

You know where I wound up, right? At Saftler’s with Lois. She pointed me right to the Viking’s. Whooo boy, they had all those features my mother mentioned and then some. And a big fat price tag, too. And that’s when Lois said the magic words. “You know that Viking is made by Husqvarna, right? The chain saw people.” And she smiled knowingly.

You see, before Lois became my best friend, she was Dale’s best friend. And she knew that nothing would sell Dale on a hefty-price-tagged sewing machine like the knowledge that it was made by his favorite Swedish chain saw company. Off I went, home to convince Dale that $600 for a sewing machine that I didn’t have the faintest clue how to use was a perfectly reasonable expense.

You all know Dale pretty well by now so you know that of course I wound up buying that sewing machine. And then 10 months later I turned it in for a fancier model. And then 10 months later I did it again. You see, Saftler’s has a a wonderful trade in policy. If you trade in your machine in less than 12 months after you purchased it, they give you 100% of your purchase price towards your next machine. Sweet.

So, it took me 3 trades but I finally wound up with the Lily, my dream machine. She and I have been together for several years now and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

V is for Viking. A wonderful sewing machine. Made by the chain saw people.

V is also for Vote. Today’s the day. So go out there and vote. It matters.

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  1. So surprised to see Viking as your *V* word this morning. I think you get what you pay for in sewing machines…what a great trade-up policy that was!
    I’ve had my red Viking for about 24 years and it’s going strong.

  2. There is no way to say no to a sewing machine made by chain saw manufacturers. Perhaps that is why my first real car was a saab – my dad liked the fact that the company made jets!

    My voting station is just half a block away – I am waiting for the post-9:00 am slot.

  3. I love that machine. I sew so little that I really wouldn’t use it to it’s advantage, but when I do sew… well, it’d be nice to have a nice machine. Now that I know Husqawhatever is a chainsaw maker maybe I could get hubby to ride on Dale’s coat tails.

  4. Niiiice! You gotta love a company that makes equally good products that puts things together and takes things apart 😉

  5. So that’s why I was given a Husky for my first sewing machine. J/K-I love my baby-its a simple model, but it has given me years of good work. It DOES sound like a chainsaw, though…

  6. My first was a Bernina and I sew so often that I still have it (and use it only when forced by a shotgun);-)
    I hope the lines are shorter when I get off work today (which is earlier than most people do).

  7. Okay, really, you had me at Husqvarna (I’ve always wanted one) but then you started talking about Saftler’s trade in policy and my knees went a little weak…yargh…

  8. I love to see sewing machines on other people’s blogs. My sister has a fancy Viking with quilting and embroidery. She keeps asking me questions and I keep telling her my having a Bernina does not qualify me to help her with her Viking. Her Viking dealer got out of the business and now sells Bernina. 🙂 I got my Bernina to celebrate finishing my MLIS.

  9. sewing machines and chain saws. whoa. what a good story. My poor little singer has been sitting in the garage for a couple of years now.. perhaps one day she’ll make a comeback.

  10. I really gotta get over my sewing-machine phobia. Great V! (On the second one, two minds with but a single thought. I posted before I read yours, really.)

  11. Interesting. My grandmother was a home ec teacher for 30+ years and had a Bernina — what’s the difference? I love that your store has a trade in policy.

  12. Great V Carole! Something I love about blogs is reading the other comments and what you learn about people from what they say in comments to other bloggers. Like Susan – “no” for sewing machine; “yes” to a chain saw!? Just knowing her in blogland I never would have guessed!! hehe

  13. Oh yeah, baby! I started with the Rose and traded up to the Designer I a few years back. I think it must be a Viking policy, I got mine at a Joanns in CA with the same trade up. Also 6 months interest free and buddy, the price of that machine I needed it. I still think it should do the dishes and walk the dog but boy is it a nice machine. There are a lot of Husqvarna tractors around here and I often think “yeah, but can it embroider my computerized image???”

    Ok that’s it, I’ve been thinking about getting the machine out and sewing up a few ideas I had and this post has made me resolve to do it today.

  14. Great choice, I have been using a Viking for my sewing for years and would never choose another brand. I have the Platinum 950E.

  15. I’ve had my Viking 150 for 21 years now,and I wouldn’t part with it for anything, including a Designer SE. I just took a class on free motion work with it,and it came through like a champ, even though it was the only non-computerized machine in the group.

  16. My first machine was an ancient Singer. Now I have a Bernina that’s pushin 10 years and I love it to pieces! There’s nothing better than a good sewing maching.

  17. What a beauty she is, and that’s a great story. I’ve been thinking about a new sewing machine, but I just can’t convince myself to spend the money…yet.

  18. Fabric Place has that trade-in policy too, and I thought about trading in my Christmas present Pfaff. But seeing as how I don’t know how to use all the features it possesses yet, I thought I should hold off on a fancier machine.

  19. My mom has a Viking but, truth be told, I love to work on my Grandma’s old black Singer. It’s not all that complicated. I love everything old that was my there’s. It’s like working with a little bit of history.

  20. Hmm….I wonder if the chainsaw thing would work with my hubby. My sewing machine is going on 27 years old now 🙂

  21. oo. sewing. It’s so fast. Almost feels like cheating, somehow 🙂

    You’re clearly well on your way on the road to ruin, so .. enjoy the ride! and it is soooo great when dh’s hobbies are more expensive than yours. Mine, he got a lot of camera equipment. Like, an inexpensive thing is the cost of maybe a whole really good spinning wheel, or maybe a loom from Harrisville. Nothing beats it.

    I love the smell of victory in the morning…

    thanks for stopping by, Carole. You’re a rock.



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