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U is for Uniform

I think practically every woman I know loves a man in uniform.

Here’s my man in his Civil War reenactor uniform. What’s not to love?

Now Dale could tell you all about his various uniforms. He could tell you why they are made of wool and what the insignia signifies. He could tell you about his sword and his sword belt and the sash and why it’s maroon. Believe me, he could go on and on and on about all of this.

But for me, it comes down to two elements.

The boots.

And the hat.

Hot damn. I can never decide which I love more.

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  1. Yeah, great “U”. (And I would have thought you would have used another garment beginning with “U”. lol) The unifroms, it’s all in the details.

  2. Aw, AuntyNin beat me to it — that was my thought exactly. He does look dashing (and not having to go fight for… what, again? is a definite plus).

  3. The boots. Seriously when M is out scoping land he wears these great boots and I think about him and those boots all day long.

  4. Dale looks fantastic in his uniform. Very handsome. Gotta say I like a man in uniform.

    So, when can we see you all gussied up?

  5. Aw, Dale is just so perfect. Love it. And that’s speaking as a gal who left her heart in the capital of the C.S.A., Richmond, so I’ve seen a lot of blues and grays.

  6. Oh, man, Carole, I agree. Dale is hot in that uniform — my hubster would love to do that I think. He wouldn’t make the time though. I’d like to see him grow his hair out like that too.

  7. OMGOMGOMG! GAAAHHHH!!! I’m totally the same way about the “U”. hehehe Isn’t it crazy – I’m all giddy about a picture of your husband? I’ve been crazy about reenactment costumes and everything that goes with them ever since I was in high school! My brother in law does reenactments and YUM. (don’t tell my husband) He has a period style beard and everything – he works at a local historical village so he dresses like this for his job! Well, not like Dale’s uniform there – everyday period clothing – but he has done the uniform stuff too. FUN and entertaining and sexy – you’ve got me smiling now Carole. lol

  8. He looks so totally authentic! The hair, the boots, the everything. My husband and older son went to a couple reenactments when the boy was about 10 or 11. Unfortunately, the reality of camping out while dressed in heavy wool uniforms in the summer dissuaded them — they are both so hot-blooded they wear shorts until December. In MN and northern WI.

    Salute your soldier for me!

  9. A wonderful “U” post, and I know you could tell a lot more about the uniforms yourself, probably knowing as much about the minutia as he, but I love how you went for the visceral effect it has on you – well, maybe not all the details there, either!

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