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BLOGLAND, USA – December 2, 2006 (Knitting Blogs Press) – Eve of Needle Exchange is pleased to announce that the January 15, 2007 issue of Yarnival is being edited by Ms. Carole of CaroleKnits. The brain child of Ms. Eve herself, this Blog Carnival for knitters has been in existence since the summer of 2006. It has quickly gained popularity within the knitting blog community for its fresh approach to finding new and upcoming blogs. Previous editors include the distinguished January One and the clever and witty Fricknits.

“I’m thrilled to join this team of editors and excited to start reading entries,” said Ms. CaroleKnits. She would like to encourage everyone to submit an article for consideration for inclusion in this edition of Yarnival. “We’re looking for new bloggers and established bloggers to submit their articles. Don’t be shy! The more, the merrier,” said the enthusiastic new editor.

Article submissions will be accepted at the Yarnival Site beginning December 3, 2006 and will continue to be accepted until January 2, 2007.


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  1. Congratulations! I don’t quite understand the yarnival thing yet (I better start reading), but it sounds exciting!

  2. wow- what huge committment, and how totally awesome that YOU are doing it. I love this idea, and am cheering for you to be a part of it 🙂

  3. I’m looking for submissions for the February issue right now and hope you’ll submit a piece! Also, I would love it if you could mention the submissions link in your Yarnival post. Thanks!

    Say hi to your Hannah from me (also a Hannah).

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