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In Stitches With Stitchy

Friday night Dale and Blogless Sharon and I trekked to Porter Square Books in Cambridge to attend a book signing by our dear friend, Stitchy McYarnpants. I knew it would be fun and I was right – Stitchy never disappoints.


We arrived a few minutes late — just in time to hear Stitchy extoling the virtues of the “Budvisor” which was, coincidentally, named by Dale last April when we were all together in Grafton. In true Stitchy form, she gave Dale complete credit for naming this particular piece of her traveling trunk show. He loved the attention. And then the tables turned. She forced him to model this.


Talk about kitschy! A handknit sweater covered in hunting scenes complete with dogs, pheasants, shotguns and shotgun shells. Want to see the back?


Scary, eh? Actually, the truly scary part is that Dale now wants one of these sweaters. Fat chance, honey.

After the books were signed and the trunk was packed we headed over to Christopher’s for dinner. Thanks, Kellee for arranging reservations for all of us! The food was excellent and the beer was cold. I got to pat the Bookish Baby Belly and I got to sit next to my buddy Maryse, who brought me a vintage cable needle to help me overcome my cabling fears. It was a wonderful night and made me realize, once again, how fortunate I am to have made some truly great friends through this here blog.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!
    That sweater, minus the hunting scene, makes me think 1970’s Starsky and Hutch! Please do not bring back that style!

  2. Dale as knitting laughing stock…just sayin’ Dale. Dude! Friends don’t let friends knit bad shit.

    See you soon Carole!!!!!!!

  3. Dale is such a good sport! Personally, and I’m sure I’m alone in this, I think Dale wears that sweater quite well. HOWEVER… I would never suggest that you knit him one. What is going on with the neck? Is that part of the sweater or is it a scarf?

  4. Okay. Take that sweater, change the main color to something tweedy, and pose the model against a crumbling stone wall in a sun-dappled field or something, et voila, it’s a Rowan pattern. (To show it on a female model, give her a great big plaid skirt and a newsboy cap.)

  5. Based on that second shot, Dale totally has a future with the Sears catalog folks.

    Hey, see you soon! (damn I love being able to say that…)

  6. Ha! If you won’t make him one I will, just so that he can wear it out and about with you! Tell him I’ll take his measurements next time I see him.

    I missed not being there this weekend, I can’t wait until the grandfather situation is resolved and I can have my weekends back.

  7. Hey, all the guys up here (well, of a certain age) would TOTALLY WEAR THAT. And in fact, I’ve seen several similar, and guys would consider that a FABBO Xmas present — together with a box of ammo and a new clicker for the widescreen TV. There’s no accounting for the taste of men, I’m afraid. 🙂

  8. actually you know — i think dale can pull it off. and i think he needs one. if you don’t want to knit him one, i can understand. but there is ebay….

    aunt claire would be happy to know that you are using her “vintage” cable needle. hmmm is it vintage?

  9. I wish I could have been there. You cannot imagine how much I’m looking forward to Rhinebeck. (You’ll have Dale’s sweater finished by then, right?)

  10. I’m with Norma (apparently there are many similarities between her Vermont and my northwen Wisconsin — who knew?). That sweater would be such a hit at the VFW Friday night fish fries here. BTW, “here” is only about 40 miles from where the Hmong deer hunter murdered the other deer hunters with an automatic weapon a couple hunting seasons ago. We take our hunting darned seriously “here.”

  11. I have to say that Dale looks great in that sweater. If there wasn’t a guy aiming a gun at him, I’d almost think he were wearing it because he wanted to. And he definitley rocked the pose from the back. Sears catalog on Line 2, Dale!

    Thank you so much for coming out on Friday, it was such a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing you at Rhinebeck!

  12. He is totally modeling, isn’t he? Look at the hand on the cocked hip……………loverly.

    I think he’s ready for Project Runway……..

  13. Dale is a natural. When I saw the picture I thought maybe he wore that sweater TO the book signing?? heh You know… to be in the spirit of the book. 🙂

    Have fun with everybody! You sure had a great group of people around at the book signing!!

  14. You’d better get knitting on that hunting sweater for Dale! He looks so cute in it!
    The vintage cable needle sounds like a wonderful gift. I hope it helps you find your cabling groove.

  15. No one should ever knit that cardigan… but the photos are truly priceless…

    Saw a blurb in the “Books to Read” section in Elle magazine that has Stitchy’s book as a must read for retro fashionistas!

  16. Oh lord. At least the pheasant on the back doesn’t have a knit gunshot wound with knit blood leaking out.

    Did Stitchy make those herself? Or did her publishing company get people to knit them from her awful patterns? Or were they pre-knit sweaters that she and others found?

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