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WIP Wednesday

Now that the Knit Unto Others is over it’s back to selfish knitting over here at Carole Knits. (Although, I am still committed to a square for Comforting Jenn and my heart is being tugged to help Rachel H. with the hat drive for her school) But I digress. Want to see what’s on the needles at the moment?

More ManLace in the form of Obstacles. Yes, Anne has done it again! The pattern is fabulous and I highly recommend it. And the yarn. Oh, the yarn. It’s Karabella Boise, 50% cashmere and 50% extra fine merino from my grrls over at kpixie. As RR would say, yum-O!

This sock is clearly off the needles and the second one has been started. I just thought you’d rather see a picture of one finished sock than 1/4 inch of a started sock. Anyway, I finished this one Monday and I’m determined to finish the second one by the end of the month as this will make 18 pairs of socks for me for 2006. My goal for the year was 12, a pair a month, so I’ve surpassed my goal by quite a bit. Not too shabby. And yes, that is Vesper sock yarn.

And at the moment, that’s it. I frogged the Old Shale Scarf I had started in the Brooks Farm Mohair because I just wasn’t feeling the love for the pattern and the yarn together. I’ll be searching for something else appropriate for that yarn. I’ve still got that cabled hat/swatch somewhere in the bottom of the knitting basket but I’m not in the mood to practice new techniques right now and I don’t think it will ever be anything other than a practice swatch so I’m not counting it as a WIP.

I have plans for mittens and cabled mitts and other wool-y things but for right now, I really do only have two projects going. It’s a Christmas Miracle, I’d say.

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  1. The sock and the new manlace look wonderful.
    Do go back to your cable practice after the holidays. I want to see you knit a nice cabled sweater next year!

  2. Isn’t that Boise just heavenly to knit with? I made a scarf out of it and didn’t want it to end. Yummmmmmy! The good news is it feels just as wonderful to wear! I love the stitch pattern too!

  3. I love those socks. The colors are wonderful. Congrats on the Yarnival honor. And new ManLace is looking good. What a lucky husband. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to get started on that Obstacles pattern! I just need to choose a yarn. Maybe i’ll check out the Karabella that you’re using, I like the way it’s looking.

  5. I love the new man lace. Perhaps if I knit some for my dh it will distract him from the vest I’ll never finish for him. Hmmmm…

  6. i love the newest man lace! wow! even mr. c who was watching me watch the page load said, “wow!”

    your sock looks great! congrats to you on knitting so many pair this year!

  7. The yarn you are using for the man lace looks so soft in the picture. I can almost feel it. Maybe I should just order some so I can really feel it.

    18 pairs of socks! Wowza!

  8. That Karabelle looks just lucious. I have been feeling the call of cashmere here lately. Having only two projects on the needles would indeed be a miracle for me. I seem to be amassing projects, yet not a one is Christmas knitting. Go figure.

  9. man-lace is cool. I must go and check out that pattern also.
    and 18 pairs of socks… whoa. that’s amazing. You did that PLUS all the other knitting that you do?! do you ever get any sleep ?

  10. Wow!

    Carole, would you please knit me a man between the manlace and the socks and everything? You’re a much better knitter than I am and I know you’d do a fab job. Oh, and no rush. My birthday isn’t till next month.

  11. I’m knitting the very same sock (because of you!) and it’s sock #2 of pair TWENTY-ONE for me in 2006!

    Love the man lace, that Dale is one lucky guy on so many levels 🙂

    Vesper sock yarn, hmmm? I’ve never tried that! *hint*

  12. Eighteen pairs of socks — holy cow — that’s amazing. And so are Anne’s patterns — I could spend 2007 knitting them!

  13. You are a knitting machine. I’m still working on the lace wrap I started last summer–I have made a couple pair of socks since then, but wow!!!!!!!!!!……

    Love Obstacles. Casino is next on my needles.

  14. Your sock is lovely. I so love the Vesper. I have enough for two pair of socks in my stash. It is so hard to get this yarn that I’ve be reluctant to knit it up. Why oh why don’t they make more???

  15. Both the man lace and the sock look great. I can’t wait unitl all my holiday knitting is done. I really miss knitting socks!

  16. Ooh, the manlace is so nice. I can only imagine how nice it feels. And I LOVE the sock! Blue and orange is a favorite color combo of mine.

  17. Oh I Anne’s new lace pattern you are making there! I may have to try that one. Very nice! It was frosty this morning where I’m visiting in AL. FOURTEEN DEGREES this morning! Never do I see that in FL! LOL!

  18. Carole, I wanted to email you but I couldn’t find a link for it on your site. Thank you so much for sending out another prize for me for the Rhinebeck bingo game. I assumed that my email had gotten lost and you never recieved my address to send it in the first place! I would like to return the favor and next time I see a contest for a good cause I will donate a prize in honor of the nice thing you did for me. Thank you!

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