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Knitting As Peer Pressure

I have a cute story to tell you.

But first, a word about Yarnival. I’m glad you guys are so excited about me being the editor of the next issue. It’s wonderful to have such positive feedback from all of you and your support is overwhelming. You know what would be even more wonderful, though? Entries. Seriously, my friends. Don’t be shy! Please consider submitting a post for consideration. I know you’re thinking you don’t have anything good enough, that your blog isn’t clever or witty or fancy enough, but I promise you, your stuff is better than you think. And I won’t have much success as an editor if I don’t have anything to edit. Go ahead. Just click on that link up there and submit something.
We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

The other day Hannah asked me to cast on a dishcloth for her. So I did. Gleefully and perhaps a bit smugly. Ahhh, I thought, she’s returning to the fold. She’s knitting. Finally.

This is a transcript of the actual conversation we had when she sat down to knit:

Carole: I thought you didn’t like knitting.
Hannah: I don’t. Sigh.
Carole: Well, then, why are you doing it? (thinking silently, this is the part where you tell me that you’re just trying to make me happy, Hannah)
Hannah: It’s peer pressure.
Carole: Peer pressure? To knit? Ummmm?
Hannah: Yup. My friend Gianna is bugging me to knit with her. Besides, I don’t have any money left for Christmas presents. I figure I can knit things for people instead. And Christmas is, like, two weeks away. I’ve got plenty of time.

She’s doomed.

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  1. That’s the kind of peer pressure I like. Wise girl, though time is definitely not on her side.

  2. Can you sneak in some courtesy rows for her while she’s asleep?

    This year my daughter is making elaborate origami boxes for her friends. I wish she’d put as much effort into her science project…

  3. whahaha! Maybe the dishcloths could be half-sized (tiny dishcloths are all the rage – didn’t you know?) so she can get finished in time.

  4. It’s good she’s knitting even if it is peer pressure! Morgan informed me last week that knitting was now cool, according to Yahoo News. I asked if that meant she would be joining me. But no, she only thought I’d be glad to know that not all knitters were old ladies. (sigh)

  5. So sweet and naive. Two weeks? Sometimes that’s not even enough time to knit a gauge swatch!

    I wish her the best of luck…

  6. You gotta love that the peer pressure is knitting; so much else out there. Two weeks (laughing hysterically because I’m desperately trying to finish a fair isle vest before then; I’m not sure it’s going to happen.) Good luck to Hannah.

  7. Could not get your blog to load this morning and then ended up in Utah Co. all day. It was a bummer. Hannah will find out it isn’t so great to knit under pressure. Do you think she’ll like knitting in the end or will she give up;-)

  8. Wish Hannah could hang out with our middle school knitters these days. Her part of the conversation sounds just like what I’m hearing every day! 🙂 As for Yarnival…can’t think of a better person to edit! I think you’ve convinced me to (maybe) submit an entry…assuming I get brave enough. Let me get a running start!

  9. I love the peer pressure!! Doomed? She’s sounds like the rest of us holiday knitters…hopelessly optimistic that we’ll actually finish on time! Go Hannah, go!!!

    As for a submission…I’ve got nothing here.

  10. This is cute about your daughter. My 14yo and 10yo girls both have ongoing knitting projects – none of which have ever been completed. Endless scarfs… half finished face cloths that I end up finishing. Oh, one cotton cloth that became a coaster instead of a cloth. heh But at least they don’t claim to hate it. No pressure from me. I just like to see them doing it. And it only happens when they’re so bored they can’t really think clearly or they’d be doing something else, obviously. heh

    What a WONDERFUL package you got from your Yarn Aboard pal!! Yay for you!! Good on her!! 🙂

  11. Submit an entry for Yarnival? Me? In Yarnival? Stop it! I’m laughing so hard I’m getting a stomach ache!!

    Your daughter is such a doll! I remember being a knitting virgin myself thinking I could tackle all sorts of projects in such short amounts of times too. In fact, sometimes I still do that!

  12. Have you started leaving cool patterns around the house, or do you want to wait until her first gift recipient showers her with gratitude and she goes all ambitious on you?

  13. Ahhh, that my own sweet daughter would get hit with that kind of peer pressure. So far, she’s quite happy with me knitting for her.

    As for the two weeks = plenty of time: heee! Seems like that kind of thinking is running through my head too – I just bought the yarn for two scarves for presents for people I have to mail to. Doomed is right!!

  14. Ah, the insanity of youth. Although my husband has that same disease of lack of concept of time. “Hey honey, I think I’ll rewire that lamp, trim the bushes, fix the garage door, and mow. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.” I have learned that a “couple of hours” is Dr. Pig-speak for “two weeks”.

  15. I keep waiting for my daughter to return to the fold too. In the meantime..I’m working on hooking Alexis. She’s only 4 but I think it’s better to start young! 🙂

  16. Ha! She’s not really knitting – Gianna’s crocheting. This from my girl who said she hated all knitting and crocheting a year ago. She did not someone special a scarf though. However, she is seriously raiding the Karabella.

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