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Fetching for Me

You just never know what pattern is going to sweep through the knitting blogs like wildfire. The first in my experience was the Clapotis. I knit two of those. Then there were Jaywalkers. I knit two pairs of those. And now there’s Fetching. It took me a while but I finally hopped on that bandwagon. I had a skein of Classic Elite Wings in jet black that was just crying out to be knit into these mitts. They were my last finished knit of ’06 and I wore them on New Year’s Eve when we headed out for the night. But you know when they came in most handy? New Year’s Day. Something about the name just really worked for me.

Honey, fetch me some coffee.

And could you fetch me the paper, too?

How about fetching me some champagne, too?

See what I’m talking about? I’m just not sure Dale is as fond of them as I am. Heh.

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  1. You look very fetching asking Dale to fetch you all of those things for you New Year’s Day. Hehe. Need to make myself a pair. My poor hands suffer in the winter and this could be the solution. Can you wear those at re-enactments?

  2. That is GREAT yarn, and the mitts look wonderful. Excellent idea….more mitts. Must make more mitts…maybe mitts are the new sock knitting?

  3. I rather think the definition of “fetching” in this case was not quite meant to be the verb, but the adjective. I’m just sayin’. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

  4. Very nice! Don’t those have cables? I love watching the patterns that just take off on the blogs. I wonder what will be big in 2007.

  5. Hi Carole! Did you know that your fingerless mitts were called “muffatees” in the “Olden Days”? They are part of the costume/dress of the living history interpreters at Sturbridge Village. During several visits there, we saw the women in various houses knitting their muffatees from their handspun wool. I believe the gift shop at OSV had a kit to knit your own.

    If you Google the word, you’ll find interesting posts!

  6. Those look fabulous! Some modified ones are on my todo list, I want to have half-fingers on mine. Someone in my knit group did fetching on the top and used “Cigar” to modify for fingers for her flute/piccolo playing daughter.

  7. I never thought of using them as “fetch”ing gloves! 🙂 I tried the “fetch me” with dan once… I need to make me a pair of these!

    Happy new year!

  8. I’m glad your day didn’t involve any furry ones playing fetch with your new mitts! Wish I had Mr. F trained as well… 😉

  9. Pretty! I just made myself a pair too to go with my scarf. I love them and will surely make a few more pair. Happy New Year Carole!

  10. Very pretty and even if Dale isn’t impressed with the gloves, he’s clearly impressed with you because he was willing to fetch you all of those things. Heehee.

  11. I have a skein of Noro Silk Garden that is destined for fingerless gloves — maybe Fetching is the one. Yours look warm and glamourous, a combination not found every day.

  12. I’m making those too! I have decided to use a hand-dyed sock yarn, double-stranded, that I got for Christmas, because I’m still not much of a sock knitter.

    Happy new year!

  13. I love yours! I made a pair in a pretty soft purple for a gift and bought a bunch more yarn with Fetchings in mind for me 🙂 They are a great knit!

  14. You know, I always liked the pattern for its own sake, but now that I realize the true magnitude of its usefulness, perhaps I need to jump on that bandwagon! I could stand to have a few things fetched for me…

  15. Those turned out great! I knit 4 pairs of those suckers for gifts and everyone loved them. Guess I should knit some for myself now.

  16. Ha, ha, you are such a wonderful teller of tales! And the mitts will come in handy driving your Jeep around too… with or without the top on. I haven’t made a pair of Fetchings simply because I already have a few pr. of mitts, and sure am glad when it gets a mite chilly.

  17. (jumping onto bandwagon) Boing.

    Off I go. Yours look tres comfy. I think I’ll tell myself that I’m looking for a skein of Wings, in hopes that the stash gremlins are faked out into hiding the Wings and allow me to find the huge bunch of Debbie Bliss that I *really* want to make them out of.

  18. You could do very well renting him out. Ahh.. those half mits are on my list. Somehow, I can’t see it working as well here.

  19. Those look great, Carole!! I especially like how “fetchingly” they work for you. ; ) I just happen to have a few mismatched balls of “Wings” in the stash and now I know what to do with ’em! (I’m assuming one skein, one pair?)

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