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It wasn’t all about the shrimp at the Carole Knits Oscar party on Sunday night. We also had something that I know my fellow Rhinebeck attendees will be interested in. We had Arthichoke French.


Shortly after returning from Rhinebeck I searched out a recipe for this delicious way of eating artichokes. I cobbled together a few different things from the internets and came up with this.

3 cans artichokes
3 eggs, beaten
3/4 stick Butter
White Wine
Parmesan Cheese
Lemon Juice

Drain the artichokes and cut them in half. Dredge them in flour and then dip in the beaten eggs. Heat up some olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic in a fry pan (I use cast iron, of course) and then fry the artichokes until browned. Place artichokes in a baking dish.
In a small sauce pan melt the butter. When the butter is melted pour in some white wine and then add some lemon juice. Let this boil for a bit until it’s reduced by about half and then pour it over the artichokes. Grate some Parmesan cheese over the whole thing and put it in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. Serve with French bread.

This is almost as good as the stuff we had at Rhinebeck and it makes a great appetizer or side dish. Enjoy!

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  1. Yum! I’ve only been to Rhinebeck twice but I snagged the artichokes with beans both times. I’ll definitely have to try a version of this with beans.

  2. Man, I haven’t had breakfast yet! Sounds fantastic, perhaps I will have to brave the lines at the food stands at Rhinebeck next year.

  3. My oh my. Artichokes are one of my favorite foods! Is it really a food or just a condiment? I don’t know but I love ’em. This sounds like just the sort of indulgence I would like! NUMMY!

  4. Sounds and looks yummy — but how could it not with white wine, artichokes, Parmesan, and (be still, my clogged-up heart) 3/4 stick of butter?! If I could eat just a tiny portion, fine, but if it’s as good as it sounds I’d want the whole thing.

  5. um, DROOL!!!!
    Now does the rule “If you make it they will come” apply?
    Because I’d love meet up all those Rhinebeck bloggers again!!!

  6. Oh YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! YUM! How very culinarily clever of you, Carole!! I’m so happy about this and can’t wait to try it. I only just got the Roast Beef Soup recipe printed out the other day, but I can’t wait to try it (probably this weekend).

  7. Delicious! It’s a bad day for me to land over here on my first click in Bloglines. I had to skip lunch until just a few moments ago (4:18 p.m.), and you know what that means….you eat everything in SIGHT until you feel sick. Now this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. yum! Next year I’m going to have to try that – I’m the only person in this house that would even consider eating artichoke so making it would be a waste…unless I was in the mood to eat it…all ;o)

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