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The Rest of the Story

Here’s what I did for the rest of my vacation last week:
The back of Ambrynn’s shirt says “My Grampa Rocks”. How cool is that?

Went to a Dale and the Duds show. This one is in my town and it’s a great chance to catch up with friends and hang out with family.

Picked up our first share from our CSA. We ate the strawberries plain – mmm. And I’ve cooked the peas and made lentil & beet green soup and a wonderful salad and also rhubarb sauce. This is going to be a lot of fun and a great way to try some new recipes, too.

Went to the beach. I’ve written about this place before. It has special meaning for me for lots of reasons but one of them is that it’s where I learned to knit.





Went to a parade. The nearby town of Plympton celebrated their 300th anniversary this weekend and the parade was loads of fun. Dale dropped me off on the parade route while they went to set up the band equipment on their float. I sat alone and watched the crowd and knitted for a glorious hour and a half. The parade was pretty good, too.

Other things I did for which I have no pictures:
~walked on a beach on Cape Cod
~had fish tacos – yumm
~had lunch on the waterfront in Plymouth
~sat on my deck A LOT
~watched movies

It was a fabulous week!

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  1. tacos! Never had ’em, but they sure sound yummy! We spent Saturday in Plymouth – wasn’t the weather just luscious?

  2. Sounds like a relaxing (and fabulous) vacation week to me.
    And I think it’s time to figure out how to post a video clip of Dale and the Duds. 😉

  3. I had lunch in Plymouth on the water front a few years ago. If only I’d know you were so close! Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation.

  4. What a great week! Does the band have a music clip online to listen to? It would be great to hear them!

  5. Small town festivals are the BEST! I love that Dale sings in a band — sound clip? video clip? please??

    What a lovely relaxing week you had!

  6. Fish tacos – Yummy!!! I used to think Yuck, but a couple years ago I went to San Diego for work (tough job) and my coworker insisted I’d like them. He was right; I loved them!

    Sounds like you had a glorious week off; I’m glad the weather cooperated with you.

  7. Carole! I nearly said something on Friday about looking forward to Monday’s post! hehe This is the kind of post I was hoping for! GAH! LOTS of fun. Parades. OH I love parades. Beaches. Sweet baby. Music and knitting. Who could ask for more in a vacation week? I love that Plympton is 300yrs old! Isn’t that awesome? Our town is only something like 127 yrs old! We’re way out west. hehe

  8. What a wonderful week you had. Vacations should be just like that…relaxing, enjoyable, and fun! Really happy for you that you got to spend time doing what you enjoy and love.

  9. Sounds (and looks) fabulous, indeed. We begin the first of our summer vacation adventures this Thursday. I can hardly wait.

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