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I’m on vacation for the next two weeks – woot! This first week will be spent mostly at home since Dale is still working and then next week we will be at the Cape. While I have a very generous amount of vacation time, this is the only time of year that I take two consecutive weeks. It’s wonderful, I tell you.

But perhaps it has gone to my head because I don’t know what came over me on Friday morning but I called Dale at work and suggested a mini-camping trip for Sunday/Monday. We haven’t camped in years and needed to update our equipment a bit. After scouring the garage and making a trip to the store for a new tent and stove, and stocking up on groceries and packing the knitting and the dog, I think we’ve got everything we need.


Did I mention we’re only going for one night? Go ahead, you can laugh now.

I’ll be back on Tuesday. If I survive, that is.

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  1. OMG, you forgot a wheel or two, and you clearly don’t have enough totebags filled with knitting WIPs! Silly knitter – don’t you know you’re supposed to bring 10 hours of knitting for every 1 hour of actual time spent away? 😉

    Have fun!

    P.S. I only camp in hotels.

  2. LOL! I wouldn’t go camping for love or money – so I suspect that’s only a fraction of what I’d have to take…building materials, mosquito netting, etc.
    But I know how much a lot of folks enjoy “roughing it!”
    Have fun!

  3. I would never laugh. The incremental increase in stuff you would need to camp for a week vs. one night is surprisingly small. Have a great time! I love the feel of outdoor night air when I go to bed at a campsite and when I wake in the morning. (The walk to the bathrooms @ 3am, not so much.)

  4. I absolutely will not laugh. I pack just like that when we camp. In fact, I had a table exactly like the one in your car! We have cool camping taste!

  5. Ok, I am laughing, but then I am evil, what can I say! 🙂 Actually last weekend, I went up with some friends to a cabin last weekend and we brought up so much stuff, you would have though we were gone for a week!

  6. Funny! I used to do the backcountry thing, carry it all on your back, walk miles, etc. Now, I camp like you, but with maybe a kayak or 3 on the top of the car and now the two dogs and a kid. Must be why it’s more of a vacation to hang at home! And btw, you were an inspiration for me to ask the doc about an early screening for colonoscopy, went Fri, all ok.

  7. The amount of supplies required for camping is what keeps me from doing it. But I do “cottage.” 🙂 Hope you have a great time!

  8. Yeah it kind of snowballs, doesn’t it? Frightening.

    Have fun! (and remember camping=more $$ for beer and lobster…) ;o)

  9. I am not laughing. It takes almost as much in the way of supplies to camp for one day as it does to camp for a month (not that anyone has ever survived camping for a whole month).

    Hope you had a great time.

  10. Hehe. Hope you had fun! Weather was perfect yesterday- but today? Hoping the rain misses you.

  11. Oh no, I’m not laughing. That is nothing compared to what my husband brings for camping weekends. He is ready for the apocalypse.

    Enjoy your time off. I will be doing the same starting Friday for two weeks. I CANT WAIT!!!

  12. Yup, looks like all the proper supplies are well laid up. And you can always note that you NEED to bring lots of fire wood – it’s simple much too expensive to buy it at campgrounds, and you usually aren’t allowed to cut your own onsite anymaore… and it’s the firewood as takes up most of the room, right? Anyhoo, hope you have a grand time. (Just got back from two weeks of vacation myself, so I can appreciate. Now, if only I had time to get all those pics out of my camera…)

  13. please don’t tell me you are drving out back and setting up in the back yard.

  14. You’re both reenactors. This should be a piece of cake. No laughs here. Only jealousy (as usual). Hubby joined the Navy so he always had a bed, his meals cooked for him, a bathroom, and central air. Girls and I love camping but only go when he’s away and the next time is November- I dobn’t camp in the freezing cold!

  15. Ha! Your car reminds me of the first time I went camping with my husband! Huge Rubbermaid containers and coolers and a coal starter thingy – awww, the days of car camping were fun!

  16. It looks like you packed light to me. Of course, that may be because my idea of camping is staying in a hotel that doesn’t offer room service. I have camping trauma from school trips in my teens and have sworn that I’m not EVER CAMPING AGAIN.

  17. I can not laugh. I’m entirely certain that my husband would probably pack even more than that for one night.

  18. That’s funny..a few summers ago, JR and I decided a fun way to spend some summer weekends would be to camp. We have spent the last two years collecting tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, lantern, pots and pans from garage sales, etc, etc. Know what? We camped once…in our back yard! But, I do like the thought that if we ever did want to go, we have all the stuff ready to load into the pickup!

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