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Camp Sweet Camp

Our mini camping trip was really a lot of fun. And it amazes me how quickly we can turn a little patch of dirt and pine needles into Home Sweet Home.


Or is that Tent Sweet Tent?

Despite the work of setting up and packing up the in between time of camping is pure relaxation. It allows for enjoying the finer things in life.

Like reading.

And corn on the cob.

Knitting on the beach.

A wet dog.

And a campfire.

The outdoors can’t get much better than that, I tell you.

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  1. Reading by the campfire is the best! Next to cooking breakfast on the fire…I wonder how little Phil would like camping. Looks like fun!

  2. Ahhh, I see a Harry Potter copy there. That sounds like the perfect camping trip. Just a time to relax without all the fuss or distractions from things at home.

  3. I’m so jealous! It’ll be a couple of months at least before it’s cool enough to camp here.

    You didn’t mention S’mores???

  4. A campfire is the very best thing about camping and that’s after a whole slew of other great things about camping. Don’t you love the smell of the woods?

  5. Knitting on the beach……….is the best! Campfire at night, second best! It looks like you had a nice time 🙂

  6. Was there drinking? Can one camp without booze? 😕

    Glad to see ya’ll had a good time and to see that that there was room in the car for Hannah. I had wondered about that.

  7. Did you roast marshmallows? I’ve wanted to (but haven’t yet) float around in my kayak working on some knitting. Knowing me, I’d tip over because I was hot and get it all wet, so maybe I should just float around in my kayak looking at the world.

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