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Central Park Hoodie

Thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday. They were like a balm to my hurting soul, I tell you. Words can hurt but words can also heal and many of you brought healing words to me. I am grateful and blessed. And, of course, Dale and I have made up. There was hugging and crying, followed by much kissing. Ahem.

But let’s move on, shall we? Because I have knitting to talk about. Sweater knitting. That’s right, dear readers, I am knitting a sweater because I signed up for NaKniSweMo. Really, it’s all Margene’s fault. She signed up and then wrote about it and before I knew it I was signing up and showing Hannah sweater patterns and ordering yarn and that was that. Truly, though, a sweater for Hannah is a joy to knit because she’s so tiny.

She chose the Central Park Hoodie. As much as I love tweedy yarns, Hannah hates tweedy yarns so, while I pushed hard for Peace Fleece, the yarn she chose is Plymouth Galway Highland Heather in a really soft shade of gray.

The back is done.

See the pretty cables? Ooooh. Ahhhh.

The left front is about half done.

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the Knitting Goddess, I may actually finish this thing by the end of the month.

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  1. I love knitting for my daughters for the same reason. That and the fact that every thing they put on looks great on them, so there are no knitting disasters!

    The CPH has been on my list for a while, I’m looking forward to seeing yours. I’m sure it is a sweater that Hannah will wear often.

  2. It’s looking so beautiful! I think Hannah chose very nice yarn. I loved knitting the CPH. Today it may even be cold enough here to wear mine.

  3. It’s nice to read that things are a bit better in your corner of the world!

    What a good Mum you are to knit Hannah a sweater. The color is perfect for those cables!

  4. I’m glad to hear that things have been worked out.
    Hannah’s sweater is looking great. I love the yarn/color she picked.

  5. So that you guys have worked it out. Your CPH looks great — I’m plugging along on the sleeves of mine, but, alas it’s not as small as Hannah’s!

  6. Wow, that’s a big sweater for one month! You already have a lot done though, so if you keep this pace up you’ll finish for sure. I’m trying to finish my arwen cardigan in one month, but I’m not so good at following through with things like that.

  7. Of course there was a happy ending! You’ll be done with that sweater by Thanksgiving! Love the cables. Hannah’s a lucky grrl and you can tell her I said so;-)

  8. Ooh, a sweater with cables! It’s looking lovely. That sweater has been on my to-do list forever. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

    I’m so glad to hear that you and Dale have worked things out. The making up is the best part, right? 😉

  9. …and the sun always rises in the morning… whether we can see it or not, it’s there, eh? So glad to hear about all the ‘making up’ and apparently the ‘making out’ :^) say no more, nudge nudge…
    Dude, you’re fast with the needles! I love Peace Fleece, but since she chose the Galway… that’s just more Peace Fleece for YOU. The CPH is looking lovely.

  10. Can I ask what size your making her??
    I’m about the same size as her and have started the CPH but now i’m wondering if its going to be tooo tight. To frog or not to frog.

  11. Of course you made up last night; was there ever any doubt? I’m glad things are better; it really does hurt to fight with the one you love. Okay, enough mush.

    The CPH is looking great. I’ve never knit with Peace Fleece, but I do love the Plymouth Galway Heathers. And the color she chose is beautiful!

  12. Well Damn. I was just over at Julia’s and decided I want Arwen a whole stinkin’ lot. Now I come here and I want CPH a whole stinkin’ lot too. And I’ve got a small boy hanging off me who will do everything in his power to make sure I never have time to knit either of them because I should, in his opinion, be spending that time needle felting him small birds and pandas. And a dragon.


  13. I’m thinking if the back and part of the front are already done, then you may need a bigger challenge than just knitting a sweater this month… It’s only the 6th!

  14. NaKniSweMo is so much fun – and you are making great progress! the CPH is such a great cardigan… maybe I will get around to it someday. I am doing the knitalong too and have been enjoying smooth sailing stockinette thus far 😉

  15. I KNEW there would be some kissin’. Yay! 🙂

    And I can’t believe Hannah doesn’t appreciate The Tweed. But that leaves more in the stash for you, right? 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness, that yarn looks so soft and squooshy, and it shows the cables SO well! Beautiful beautiful stuff! And hooray for Ahem.

  17. Very tidy cable crosses. Nice!

    My DD takes a larger size than I do, and she’s still growing. Might just hit 6’0″…

    As for the Knitting Goddess, she’s having fun tormenting me so I think you should be fine.

  18. I’m so glad to hear that things are back in sync because it is really yucky to feel out of touch with your partner.

    And your Central Park Hoodie is coming along wonderfully!

    Do you think it would count as a sweater if I knit it for my 8 lb chihuahua? 😉

  19. I love the sweater, and now you have me thinking about making one in Peace Fleece. Or Beaverslide. Mmm, wooly goodness. Glad to hear that you and Dale kissed and *ahem*ed and made up.

  20. I’m so glad you’re feeling better today, Carole.

    When did you start that sweater? What day is it? You’re just flyin’! Hannah is a very lucky girl to be getting such a lovely sweater from her wonderful mama.

  21. I’m very proud of you two for not spending two nights angry with one another; one is bad enough. Lucky you that Hannah will wear you hand knits. Although she’s likely not growing as fast as Kathryn is right now. The CPH looks awesome.

  22. I’m so glad you and Dale worked things out.

    The sweater looks great so far. I think you’ll finish before the end of the month. Good luck!

  23. Oh sure, choose skinny little Hannah to make a sweater for, you and Margene speeding along. I haven’t even started mine yet! It could be that blogging every day and keeping up with the knitting might be too much.

    I had no clue what to say to you yesterday, as Pete and I never fight. Ahahahahahahahahaha! I’m cracking myself up. You know, even when we fight there is something I know for sure, we are both very committed to our marriage. The other thing I know is that he will usually give in. 🙂

  24. We’re all human. Glad it’s over and with all peace restored. CPH, that would be like knitting socks for size 6 feet, right?

  25. The grey is perfect for that pattern. I’ve been thinking about the CPH for a long, long time. You may have inspired me into action. 🙂

  26. Oooh, that is lovely! great match of yarn to pattern! I can see that you will be finishing right on time! (knock needles)
    November is a busy blogland kind of place!

  27. Oooh, that is lovely! great match of yarn to pattern! I can see that you will be finishing right on time! (knock needles)
    November is a busy blogland kind of place!

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