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A Room Of My Own

I never mentioned it on the blog but last May my 25 year old stepson Luke moved out. His room sat empty over the summer as we contemplated how to best use this new space. Last month we came up with a plan that made me very, very happy. The first part of the plan was to move Hannah into Luke’s old room. This room has more privacy, more space, and a closet, so Hannah quickly agreed. Dale did lots of work and the room was finally painted (blue, brown and lime green) and Hannah took over the space. It’s nice but that’s not what made me very, very happy.

What made me very very happy was our plan for Hannah’s old room. It has become MY studio. (We first called it a “craft room” but I told Dale I thought studio sounded way more sophisticated and that’s what it’s now called.)

Once again, Dale did lots of work.

Look how cheerful he is!

Bye bye, green.

Hellooooooo, red.

I like this photo because I think the shadows are cool but also because it shows the two new colors, red and taupe, along with the old green paint.

Are you ready for the finished pictures? I hope so because here they are!

We picked out this kitchen island piece from Ikea. It was a bitch to put together, but Dale suffered through it and got it done.

This bureau holds all my fabric.

That’s my grandmother’s old sewing machine table with my machine on top. And a new Ott lite, too.

I have to show you the trompe l’oeuil fireplace that we had painted years ago. It’s my favorite feature of the room. The basket of handspun is a nice feature, too.

I think we’ve created an excellent space for all sorts of creative pursuits. A studio of my own. It’s just what I’ve always wanted.

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  1. yay you!!! it’s awesome and i LOVE that it’s painted red. my favorite would have to be the fireplace. think of all us knitters while you enjoy your space. 🙂

  2. I see new sock labels in your future. From Carole’s Studio. It’s such a wonderful space for you. Although, I think Dale is the most fab thing about today’s post. We love a hard working husband. 😀

  3. The fire place is lovely. I was hoping that you had a real one for the warmth and to have a place to sit in front of and knit. I love the colors. Enjoy your new studio.

  4. SO. Jealous.

    I love it, I covet it, and I am trying to figure out how to get my husband to agree to the very same thing. 😉

    p.s. RED! Yay!

  5. Lucky, lucky you! Hmm… maybe we should send Miss B to boarding school. So where’s all the yarn? You can’t get around us by just showing us the handspun. As I recall you had quite a hefty stash of sock yarn alone.

  6. Oh, so lovely. And I’m a little, teeny bit jealous, but very happy for you. The red and taupe look great together. Enjoy your studio!

  7. What a great space! Looks like it’ll be a wonderful place for all kinds of fibery and non fibery things. Love the painted fireplace!

  8. Beautiful space, with daylight too! The photo you say you love reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting. Was moved to tears about your friend Debbie yesterday. Fond memories are such a treasure!

  9. And, you deserve it! Being the creative person you are – I think a studio of your own is in order!!! Enjoy it…and Dale does look happy putting it all together for you.

  10. what a great room! I have a closet, but I have to share it with the business shirts and dirty laundry. Not to mention I can’t even fit into it. 😀

  11. looks so nice! i laughed about the studio vs craft room. we have a “library” rather than a computer room for the same reason. one wall is filled with books (and we probably need another bookcase soon) and the other side has the computer desk, but i thought library sounded way cooler. even if i can’t have one of those with 2 stories and rolling ladders, i can at least call it a library and feel cool 😉 enjoy your room!

  12. I’m trying to get a studio back into my house. I had one when we first moved into this house but things changed. Right know my yarn SABLE is out in the garage. I still have to organize my books, accessories, and fiber in order to swap rooms with Younger.
    I love the color which gave me an idea what I want to do with Younger’s small room after she’s moved out.
    And Husband has gotten the message that it will be my studio, not a craft room! And he is not allowed to put anything in it without my permission.

  13. You have inspired me to get my butt in gear and finish our spare room – which will be called the craft room – hopefully over the holiday break. You and Dale did a great job!

  14. “Excellent” is an understatement! It’s perfect! I love the red pain too – such an energetic (yet strangely serene also) room.

  15. Okay — I need to see hannah’s room — we just painted my youngest daughter’s new room (we added on and it is now almost complete — blue (like a robin’s egg), brown and lime green!!!
    I think these are very in colors!

    Yeah for your lovely new space — our addon/remodel is still going on but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter

  16. Woo hoo! Your very own studio. With red walls, even! I think that I would spend way too much time in there, if that room were in my house 🙂

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