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Guess What I Got?

I received some wonderful gifts this Christmas – clothes and yarn and jewelry and books and DVDs just to name a few. And yet there’s on present that surpasses all of them. No, it’s not a spinning wheel. It’s a new camera from Dale.

Of course, I told him exactly which one to get. I had been wanting a digital SLR for quite some time and I had gone back and forth on which model. I talked with friends and read reviews but ultimately I decided on the Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I’ve just got a fondness for Canon and that influenced my decision more than anything else.

We missed the part about needing a compact flash card, though, so I couldn’t use the camera until we made a trip to the store yesterday.

This was my first picture with the camera:

This was my second:

I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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  1. What a beautiful cat! I got my husband a camera for Christmas – had him pick it out, because I’m clueless when it comes to electronics. Now if I could just get him to set up my…. I mean, HIS camera, I could take some pics!

  2. Although, I don’t think Mason looks too happy about it! You’re gonna love that camera, we have the same one!
    Glad you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

  3. Your pictures look great! I especially like the closeup. One of my goals for next year is to learn to use my camera better and to take better photos for my blog.

  4. Very nice! Mason looks like his nap or privacy have been invaded somehow. Maybe a little catnip will turn him around 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the new camera. Is that one of those that takes different lenses? (That could cut into your spinning wheel funds.)
    And I like that you have the French Toast Alert posted, too. 🙂

  6. I have an older model Rebel digital and love it…I don’t use it enough, though, now that I have its little brother, the Elph! (It’s those fabulous lenses, of course, that make the pictures so much better….are you going to get a telephoto?)

  7. OK, I’m impressed! TWO Meezer portraits and no kitty red eye! Wow!

    Oh, and a handsome Meezer, indeed.

  8. That is the camera I wanted but I got a Nikon instead. I think some cats are going to be getting tired of having their photos taken soon.

  9. oh man – what great photos.
    Digital cameras are improving so fast – It’s hard to keep up with the great technology!
    I look forward to seeing LOTS of photos on your blog (grin)

  10. Oh Mason!
    And now your Mom can capture them so much better than before….and without blinding you with the flash!
    Wanna come play?

  11. This is what I have been using and I love it! Yay for you! Did you get any lenses with it? I probably use my 50mm more than anything. LOVE that.

  12. Welcome to the club! I LOVE my Rebel XTi–as well as all the Canon cameras I’ve had over the years. Now to get that telephoto lens–you gotta have it!

    I got a new little point-and-shoot for Christmas, as well–the PowerShot SD950 IS. Sweet!

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