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Noro Silk Garden Striped Scarf

Our long weekend concludes today and we are going to make the most of it. So far our only plan is to go out to breakfast but I’m sure we’ll find fun things to do afterwards – even if it’s just loafing off at home.

In the meantime, I’ve finished the Noro Silk Garden Striped Scarf. Say that 10 times fast, will you? And even if you get tongue tied it will still be faster than knitting one of these scarves! Don’t get me wrong – I loved it – but boy was I ready to be done with it last week.

And I am. Done, that is. I even have proof.







Honestly, the colors are so beautiful and the combinations all so different that I couldn’t stop taking photos. Either that or I was just so happy to be outside in the sunshine that I lost track of time.

Suffice to say, it’s gorgeous. I wasn’t sure who would be the recipient but Dale and I both really love it so I think we will be sharing the wearing of this scarf.

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  1. Oh, it is so pretty…I have two skeins of that Noro Garden Silk…two different skeins! The reason being that I bought one for myself and one for Scarlett when we were at this interesting little knit shop in Portland. So, it looks like I will be the proud owner of two scarves!!!

  2. I haven’t seen (or knit) a single one of these that I didn’t absolutely LOVE. Nice job, Carole. And it’s good to share.
    ; )

  3. I haven’t gotten around to making one, they are so beautiful. The color changes make it an interesting piece to look at, but oh my… I can see the “endless” part. Maybe I’ll put up a bag with yarn and needles for a time when I need endless, mindless.

  4. That is a particularly harmonious scarf, I agree! And I am impressed that you would even consider letting Dale walk off with it. You’re very generous! 😉

  5. Carole, it’s lovely. Bit of a slog, though? I knew there was a reason I’d been avoiding it.

    I’m so glad you and Dale are getting a long lazy weekend together. Enjoy!

  6. Noro is such a magical yarn, but its true beauty can only be brought out by a beautiful knitter such as yourself.

    Now I know where our sunshine went. You can keep it though. I want to be able to wear my handknits at least for a few days.

  7. I love, love, love your scarf. I have stashed some Silk Garden for just this purpose, and it’s going to be the very next thing on the needles.

  8. The scarf is gorgeous. I saw one at a LYS when I was visiting somewhere last fall, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I agree though… scarves are boring. I’ve made three this season, and just about go nuts by the time I get to the end!

  9. Oh! THERE are the pictures! I think my poor computer doesn’t much like your new blog format. 🙁

    I can’t view the pics anymore, so I had to borrow hubby’s laptop, just to see this scarf! (And all the other pics I’ve been missing! lol)

    Anyhoosie, it’s just beautiful, as always!

  10. i just finished talking to my sister and she told me about this yarn she lives in mont and i live in okla.i looked at the scarfu had finished it is beautiful you said it was knitted? can u crochet instead adn do you have a pattern? any info u can give me would help thanks jacque

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