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On Spinning

When I was at SPA a couple of weeks ago I met Kelly. She is a friend of Julia’s and now, by extension and familiarity, a friend of mine. And she offered up one of my favorite quotes of the weekend.

You see, someone watching me spinning said, “What are you going to make with that?” (They meant what was I going to knit with the yarn I was spinning.) And I said, “I dunno.” (I’m a wonder with words, aren’t I?) It was then that Kelly said to me, “just say what I always say: I made yarn. Isn’t that enough?”

I love it. Because, while I do love knitting with my handspun, sometimes it’s just enough to have made yarn. Of course, you have to say it with a bit of a snarky attitude to get the right effect. I’m pretty good at the snark thing, you know. And so . . .

I made singles.


Cross Patch Creations Totally Tubular

And I made barber-poley plied yarn.


Spunky Eclectic Corriedale Party Dress

And I made silk blend yarn.


Cross Patch Creations Signature Blend, Tears of Fire

I made yarn. Isn’t that enough?

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  1. yummy!

    i love that quote. i’ve gotten that question a lot since i got my wheel.

    i want to try singles – anything special i have to do like spin it tighter initially?

  2. ::sigh:: One of these days, *I’m* gonna learn how to make yarn. And yes, that’s enough.

    (I was just thinking about all of the ways one could say that. Snarky works, but then again, a ‘blink…blink…’ followed by an oh-so-innocent “I made yarn…?…” can put folks in their place, too. Or at the very least, make ’em squirm!)

    It’s all so beautiful!

  3. You’re exactly right, which is why I put my rovings on Ravelry and then move them to “all used up” once they’ve become yarn. Then the yarn is in the stash and if/when I knit with it then IT will move to “all used up.” Perhaps it messes with the stash numbers but I’m not worrying about that.

    Because making yarn is pretty damn cool all by itself.

  4. MORE than enough! Those are all gorgeous, though that middle one, *party dress* is killing me, Carole.

  5. Beautiful yarn. I have a hard time spinning without a goal in mind, but it brings such pleasure I don’t know why it bothers me.

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