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D is for Dog

Of course, if C is for Cat then D must be for Dog. A dog named Dixie.



Let me say right up front that I am not a dog person. I never had a dog growing up (well, except for the brief and ill-fated attempt we had with an Irish Setter puppy in the winter of 1971 when I was 6) and I am very much a cat person. Dale, however, is a dog person and therefore we have a cat for me and a dog for him.


Truly, Dixie is a very sweet dog. She’s loyal and friendly. She jumps like a kangaroo when she’s excited to see you – and honestly, she’s excited to see you if you’ve been gone 5 days or 5 minutes. She’s a shameless food begger and has wonderfully expressive eyes. And those eyes clearly work to her advantage when she’s begging for food. She’s good company and loves to take us for a walk. She captured my heart when she was a puppy and she’s never let it go.

Maybe I am a bit of a dog person after all.

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  1. Some folks are born “dog people”, some folks take a bit longer to come around…

    I, of course, can’t have any sort of a pet with fur, feathers, or fuzz, thanks to allergies. So, my kids enjoy their Sea Monkeys. I WISH I could have a cat. THEY wish they could have a dog.

  2. How could you not be a dog person with that sweet doggie living with you? I grew up with dogs, but we have none now 🙁 We tried once; I adopted the sweetest dog from a shelter and brought her home. By the next morning, Samm was covered in hives and her face was swollen like crazy. I cried the whole way back to the shelter and the whole way home. Luckily, it was a no kill shelter.

  3. Well, at any rate you’re a Dixie person. I steadfastly maintain that I really don’t care for dogs, even if it may appear that a given has insinuated itself into my good graces. For the bouncy, noisy critters they are, they are remarkably good at the insinuation thing.

    Debi may have something there, although I ascribe the names to the influence of all those Civil War reenactments. I’m a cat-loving Yankee myself.

  4. You may not be a dog person, but you sure a Dixie person 😉 She looks like the kinda gal that could steal a heart with ease.

  5. I definitely fall into the “dog person” camp. My cat experience growing up was not the best. Your Dixie looks like a sweetie!

  6. She’s a doll. If you weren’t a dog person before, Dixie is the type of dog to convert you, indeed.

  7. What a sweet looking baby! Dixie seems to fit right into your household…and I think from looking at her photos that she would steal anybody’s heart. Sometimes you just luck out and get a great dog to make you a “dog” person – even if it’s just that one particular dog!

  8. i’m definitely a cat person but big old rocky made me a dog person. i miss him.

    and one day, when our schedules permit, we’ll get another dog. but maybe one with smaller poops.

  9. I LOVE her! She looks like she may be a “Carole” dog to me. Give Dixie a good scruff behind the ears from Holli and me today please!

  10. Dixie looks like a sweet dog. Until we got Phoebe, I wasn’t much of an animal person at all. She changed that for me and I miss her. Pets are wonderful additions to our lives.

  11. Carole, I was looking through your archived photos of FO and wow! I love all your socks! You’re so prolific, and creative.

  12. Carole, I was looking through your archived photos of FOs and wow! I love all your socks! You’re so prolific, and creative.

  13. I didn’t have a dog growing up, either, but my husband (like Dale) is a dog person, so naturally we have a dog in the house. It took me a while, but I’ve turned into a dog person, too 🙂 Dixie is a beautiful dog. I can see why she’s so well-loved!

  14. David’s not a dog person, either, but he’s been learning. Of course, Tuck will hardly even look at him if I’m around, which is a slightly different challenge.

  15. I think you can be a Not Dog person and still love a particular dog…I imagine Dixie would be hard to resist – what a sweet soul!

  16. She is so adorable. Me, I’m a dog person. I’ve never had a cat though, so maybe I’m a bit of a cat person also and I don’t know it.

    t I really thought you were going to do “d” for Dale. Maybe he’s “h” for husband?

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