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E is for Egg

I know that E is for Egg is not exactly original. Nevertheless, here I am, doing it. Why? Because I love eggs!


I get my eggs from Blogless Sharon’s farm. They are organic, they come in pretty shades of brown, green and blue, and they are delivered right to my door by my dear friend.

They are also fresh. The yolks are a beautiful bright yellow and they taste absolutely delicious whether I’m baking with them or cooking them for breakfast.

I enjoy eggs prepared in a variety of ways, from fried to scrambled to hardboiled, but my favorite is a simple poached egg. Sadly, I cannot make a decent poached egg. I keep trying, but with disappointing results. It’s okay, though, because this way poached eggs are an out-to-breakfast treat.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

How do you like your eggs?

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  1. these are such pretty eggs.

    i like mine scrambled with lots of butter, or over easy, or soft boiled (but not too soft).

    my grandmother had a chicken coop and when i visited her it became my job to go get the eggs. i always loved the way the chickens would come running when they saw her and how they’d let me grab the eggs.

    then she would soft boil 2 eggs for me and put them in a bowl with salt and pepper. best eggs ever.

    some day i’ll have a chicken coop i think.

  2. Your eggs are so pretty I’d hate to crack them! I love a poached egg on toast or an egg salad sandwich. But I’m fussy and only eat those two things if I make them myself. I also like fried eggs but only if the yolk is unbroken. Yes, I have egg issues.

  3. My favorite is dropped egg on toast, but I love them scrambled with a bit of good cheese tossed in as well.

    How nice that you can get fresh eggs from Sharon!

  4. Pretty! My favorite is deviled eggs. I remember my grandma (then my mom and now me) making bird’s nest eggs. She’d cut a hole in the middle of buttered bread, put it in the skillet then crack the egg into the hole. So you ended up with a fried egg inside of toast. Delicious and fun!

  5. The husband learned to make Eggs Benedict just for me. I’ve never tasted any better. Haven’t had that in a very long time. Over the weekend, I ordered poached in a restaurant. The server looked at me strangely and my breakfast companion said they aren’t used to that order in the south. Good thing I can make a good poached egg, if I pay attention. And then there’s the marvelous, delicious, delightful deviled eggs. Yummm!

  6. They are so pretty, you don’t even have to color them for Easter!
    I simply love eggs…my favorite way to eat them for breakfast is “over-easy” but I’ll eat them in any form…especially if someone else is cooking!

  7. i have a soft spot for soft boiled eggs, but most of the time like them fried. C loves his poached like you…. I just don’t get it. Poached eggs are so jiggly!

  8. During farmer’s market season I can get wonderful fresh eggs but I haven’t yet found a source for the rest of the year. I’m absolutely green with envy 🙂

  9. I was going to do “E”gg too! I’ll come up with another “E.” I like my huevos con chorizo (of course, not in my house because we don’t have pork.) 😉

  10. Oh, I love eggs ALL ways! Especially farm-fresh organic eggs. Mmmmm, I think I shall have to go downstairs and have one NOW. Deviled eggs are a favorite treat, too.

  11. LOVE, love love fresh eggs. My husband poaches a good egg, me? Not so much. I love a fresh egg when its runny, with toast. YUM!

  12. Hey, I just mastered poached eggs last week!
    A few things that help. First, room temperature eggs, not cold! Second, add a little vinegar and salt to the water.. it helps keep the egg “together”. Third do not open the egg right into the simmering water. Put the egg first into a small bowl and gently lower into the water. Do not boil the water.. it should just barely simmer. I also turn off the heat as soon as I place the eggs in the water and cover.

    With that said, I love poached eggs, but I also love sunny side up. My kids call them “mommy eggs” because they’re my preference when Richard is making a big breakfast for everyone. Since he is fond of scrambled eggs, those have been nicknamed “daddy eggs” by the kids 🙂

  13. Over easy, with bacon and toast for mopping. I’ll take them any way you want to make them, though: I love eggs too.

  14. I’m a total egg-o-maniac. Usually I have ’em fried (in butter, of course), “over medium”. But I also like them soft-boiled (again, to medium), with the top sliced off and a bit of butter, salt & pepper sprinkled in. I have a super egg cooker that makes them just perfect that way. Then there’s cheesy eggs (a la “Waffle House”), or of course, Matzo Brie, or just about anything else featuring eggs.

    I used to get fresh eggs from my cousin when she had chickens, but she doesn’t have them any more. 🙁

  15. Oooh, those are pretty! I like mine lots of ways, too. Poached, scrambled, fried (over-easy with toast, or medium to hard for a sandwich) (always on toast and with ketchup for a sandwich), hard-boiled, soft-boiled, in an omelette, egg salad… I used to make a nest from Stove-top Stuffing and bake an egg in it…

    …starting to sound like the litany of Bubba-Gump shrimp…

    Hungry for eggs now. ; )

  16. Over easy, poached, mushroom & cheese omelette, egg salad, hard boiled, Suasage McMuffin with Egg, soft scrambled. Looks to me like you’ve found just about everyone’s “perfect” food!

  17. Oh, how funny – my E was eggs too…I love eggs!!! Your eggs are prettier than mine…I don’t have a farm nearby! Darn it! Cause I so love “Fresh” eggs…nothing better!

  18. Beautiful E! Omelete for me with broccoli and cheese.

    My mother used to have a poached egg pan with little cups that held the eggs over simmering water. I wonder where that went. Hmmmmm…

  19. I’m with you — poached. I can’t make them either, but my husband can. Beautiful eggs.

  20. Ohhhh Farm fresh eggs are the BEST! Now, tell me. Is Blogless Sharon the one with the alpacas or is that another friend?

  21. Wow! I’ve only ever seen white and brown eggs. I had no idea there were blue and green ones too. You’re so lucky to have the opportunity to get fresh eggs.

    I like my eggs any way. I need the variety to keep them interesting enough to eat.

  22. The photo is great… no need to color these eggs for Easter! We get our eggs from our local feed store, or from Stephanie, the Wooly Daisy, and one of our favorite dishes is to tear up tortillas and brown them in olive oil, then scramble several eggs in and top with salsa (you could also add any kind of leftovers including ground beef or turkey, leftover chile, grated cheese on top and/or cooked veggies). A perfect seasonal choice:)

  23. i don’t think i’ve met an egg yet that i didn’t like…..although i still want to try eggs benedict. for plain breakfast i usually stick with over easy, and egg salad has been on the lunch menu the last couple weeks.

  24. Coincidently, I had egg salad on a bagel for lunch and I’m eating salmon caviar sushi for dinner. Good thing my cholesterol is 159. God bless genetics 🙂

    The only other kind of egg I like is well-done sunny side over. The trick is getting the white crispy around the edges while the yolk stays runny….mmmmmm.

  25. I have four dozen fresh eggs in the fridge right now. The girls are in high production. However, my one Araucana/”Easter Egger,” who is supposed to give me blue or green eggs, lays off-white ones. What a rip-off.

    We had a hen named Dorothy who laid the most beautiful blue-green egg ever. She died young.

    I love how the fresh eggs make cakes sooo yellow.

  26. Love fresh eggs! However only scrambled or omelets dry- NO wiggle or wink and cooked by me. I have a”thing” about that. I have tried to like them other ways, but my throat closes up and says “NO!”

  27. I love eggs from my head down to my legs! I love them any way, any time–over easy, scrambled, poaches, boiled….

    Alas, I am also allergic to them, so I can only dream, and remember what wonderful things eggs used to be.

  28. great E post – and my favorite is eggs benedict. (yummm) My Dad taught me to poach eggs by putting some lemon in the boiling water.

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