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Fionn Sweater

Yesterday Dale and I visited the birthplace of Abigail Adams for a photo shoot of the finished Fionn sweater.


Since I knit quite a bit of this sweater while watching John Adams on HBO we thought it was a fitting place for an excursion.


The weather was chilly and the skies were gray but Dale was warm in his new sweater.



I think the fit is a bit small but it’s just what he wanted. In his words, “I want a sweater that fits like a shirt.” Good thing I knew what he meant.



The pattern is terrific and available from Figheadh Yarnworks. I’d highly recommend it. It’s simple and straightforward, knit in the round from the bottom up and then the sleeves stitches are picked up and knit down. Easy peasy, this one.


The yarn is Ella Rae Classic, purchased online from Lavender and Peonies. It’s very reasonably priced and comes in loads of colors.


More pictures on flickr, more details on Ravelry, by the way.

After a quick stroll around the grounds we headed home. Dale’s with his new sweater and me with my new pictures. We were both pretty happy with the outcome of this trip.

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  1. The sweater is fabulous! That is definitely Dale’s color too! It sure doen’t look like it’s easy, well, not if you’re me 😉

  2. carole it’s so handsome; very nice! don’t worry about the fit; i find that david’s sweaters all loosen up a bit over time, so some initial tightness is usually a good thing.

  3. I know what Dale means about that kind of fit — and I like it, too. Sometimes you want an oversized one, but sometimes you want one that is form-fitting and exactly that — “fits like a shirt.” Well done.

  4. Excellent sweater!! There is nothing better than giving the recipient exactly what they want. Everyone is happy.

  5. You’re lucky to have found such a handsome model to show off that great sweater.

    (Where exactly is Abby’s birthplace, anyway? Yes, I know I could look it up.)

  6. Fantastic sweater! Dale look very handsome in it.
    I’ve really been enjoying John Adams. Missed it last night though. I’ll have to catch it later this week.

    I love the colors of paint used on Abigail’s house!

  7. Dale’s Fionn is beautiful, Carole! I love that color. You chose a great spot for the photo shoot – the sweater really goes well with the house. 🙂

  8. Smashing! I love Ella Rae. I found out from Moth Heaven that Ella Rae and Cascade are milled at the same place, so it’s the same fiber base. Rather fascinating isn’t it?

  9. Wow, I think the fit is perfect! And a great color, too. Excellent job! (And I love that last shot of Dale – what a model pose!)

  10. It looks great, Carole. I’ve got this sweater queued for my husband. How does the yarn feel? My husband hates scratchy wool, and it looks like that yarn just might be soft enough for him. 🙂

  11. This sweater is gorgeous! One of your best, I think. I love the pattern, the yarn, the fit…everything about it is perfect.

  12. Congrats, Carole, it looks like a wonderful sweater! I love the larger, overall pattern made by those cables and the color is terrific! Really cute house, too.
    ; )

  13. Perfect! I love it all. The sweater and the shoot. Dale looks so good in that color and I know exactly what you mean about the fit. I thought my hubby’s Cobblestone was a tad on the small side but he likes some things fitted as well.

    Wow! It’s really nice Carole 🙂

  14. Wonderful Carole! Fabulous sweater and Fantastic place to take your FO Photos! It looks perfect on Dale – like it was made for him! heh

  15. That is such a handsome sweater! I might have to get that pattern for my hubby. We watched the first couple of episodes of John Adams but it’s so darn earnest and humorless it put me to sleep. I know there was a war on and everything, but surely someone cracked a joke sometime.

  16. Dale is a great model for such a fetching sweater!

    Glad to see that he’s healing nicely, too.

  17. Perfect shirt-like fit! Dale sure is a lucky man to have such a talented wife! Gorgeous sweater… i’ll have to check out this pattern!

  18. I hope Dale knows how lucky he is! The perfect sweater AND the perfect wife who would make just what he wanted and not add something fancy out of knitterly pride…. guys seem to mostly want very simple sweaters in somber colors. He looks very manly in it:)

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