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Hooray for Blueberries

Apparently my aversion to cooking when it’s hot doesn’t apply to baking. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for fresh blueberries.


The other day it was blueberry muffins. I used red sugar to make them patriotic but otherwise they are the same as the ones I posted about back here.



Yesterday it was blueberry pie. I just adore blueberry pie and really, once the pie crust is made the rest is simple as can be. Combine 3 pints of blueberries with 4-5 T of cornstarch and a cup of sugar, throw it in the pie crust, bake and you’re done.

I like mine with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm.

Raise your hand if you want some!

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  1. Yoo Hoo! Over here! Both of my hands are up! Blueberry pie is my favorite pie. Especially with vanilla ice-cream.

  2. Blueberry pie is my absolute favorite. The pictures look good enough to eat! (I see what you mean about your camera…)

  3. Me first! (jumping up and down) Both my hands are raised. I have 3 blueberry shrubs in my back yard, and the birds beat me to them every morning. I’m getting my blueberry fix from the produce stand this year.

  4. Oh YUM. What a great idea! The blueberries are coming fast and furious at the farmstand. I think I’ll do muffins.

  5. My hand is raised!! Real blueberry pie is one of my most favorite things in the world – and it definitely needs the creamy goodness of vanilla ice cream to make it perfect.

    We just got a quart of blueberries from the CSA and I’m wondering the best way to use them (last week’s quart went handful by handful into my morning cereal…)

  6. I have some in the freezer!! Maybe I’ll make some muffins for the car ride up to pick up Kathryn from camp. Fresh muffins in the car, thermos of coffee, two grrrlfriends! And I don’t have to drive!

  7. Because it’s just now turned into summer here the berries are very late and expensive. I have wonderful memories of blueberry picking in the woods as a child. The woods even smelled of berries!

  8. Mmmm. I love blueberry pie.

    I made one a couple of weeks ago, pretty much just like your, but I added a grated 1-inch piece of ginger to the berries. So. Good.

  9. Yes, please.

    Blueberries always make me think of my mother. My mother loves fresh blueberries, and I have wonderful memories of sitting across the kitchen table from my mom, sharing a bowl of blueberries in cream with her.

    I think I’ll call my mother today.

  10. My hand is up and I’m jumping up and down. Me,me,me! That looks so delicious! Really wishing for smellivision right now :_

  11. We have been living on blueberries for months out here. Pie, coffee cake, mixed with raspberries and strawberries and yogurt… They are VERY good for a person’s heart. Virtuous *and* yummy!

  12. OH OH OH!! I have 3 pints of blueberries in the fridge. I think I’ll make pie. Thanks for sharing your easy recipe!

  13. Hmmm….blueberry pie is my most favorite pie. I also love blueberry cake with a hot lemon sauce…yum.

  14. Me! Me!

    We ate a most scrumptious blueberry pie at a gathering on Sunday and my family would so like me to bake one, but I can’t make a good pie crust. Pretty please, will you share your crust recipe?

  15. Carol ~ I just had drinks out with gibknits and was telling her how my daughter used your recipe for our pie a few nights ago. Halle had the computer set up in the kitchen. She made her first ever crust (sans pillsbury) and followed your berry filling notes. We had THE best berry pie. And my girl was so proud of herself. Much thanks!

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