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Vacation Memories

I love the feeling I always have at the beginning of our vacation on Cape Cod. The week stretches before me and I imagine the ways we will fill our time. Trips to the beach, cocktails on the deck, walks around the neighborhood, special meals in special places we only visit once a year . . . the possibilities are endless and it feels like there will be time for everything.

And then before I know it the week is over and I look back and realize that I didn’t have nearly enough time. Even though I try to savor every moment it still feels like it’s over in a flash. Thankfully I have lots of memories of everything we did and I can enhance those memories by looking at the photographs I took.

Photographs of the beach.



And my family enjoying themselves.





Photographs of delicious drinks and food.




And glorious sunsets.



I think it’s pretty obvious that we had a great week! Sharing my photographs and vacation memories with all of you is something I truly enjoy and I hope you enjoy them, too.

And now for something I don’t enjoy . . . going back to work.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely vacation – I’m glad you had such a nice time.

    Here’s to a smooth re-entry!

  2. I too have great plans at the beginning of a vacation and never realize half of them, but it’s all still good. Love the photos esp the sunsets!

  3. Wow, if a painter had portrayed a sunset that way you would say he exaggerated. You really got a great photo!

    I’ve never been to Cape Cod, and somehow imagined it like the Gulf of Mexico beaches. (It’s not.) Must go see for myself, in the name of “scientific investigation”. VBG!

  4. Such gorgeous photos, it looks like a fabulous vacation. What a lovely family 🙂

    The seafood looks so yummy, but I *really* like the Sunset Socks!

  5. I love that time-stretching-before-us feeling too. It was in the “that was way too short” phase that we finally decided six or seven years ago to go to Rangeley for two weeks. That turns out to be still too short, but it will have to do.

  6. what a great bunch of photos. it looks like your vacation was delightful. And yeah, the good ones just seem to fly by, don’t they.

  7. Oh what lovely photos! I feel as if I were there with you all at least in spirit. I believe you have captured the vacation “feel” with your pictures and now you can look at the pictures and relive experiences whenever you choose to. Thanks for your great vacation moments.

  8. I most definitely enjoy seeing your vacation photos. Not the food and drink ones though. It’s hard to get the drool off my keyboard. 😉

  9. Gorgeous pics Carole – you have such a beautiful family!

    Next year, can you please find a place that delivers one of those lobster rolls to Florida? PLEASE? 🙂

  10. Carole, it looks like it was the best time evah!! Lots of good food and drink and time well spent with loved ones 🙂

  11. I spy with my little eye a *very* pretty sock! 🙂

    (And what looks like the makings of an absolutely killer lobster roll…)

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