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Send in the Clouds

Let’s face it, the one thing that can truly make or break a Cape Cod vacation is the weather. We have been lucky to have pretty good weather for our vacations and this year was no exception. While the weather people predicted rain and storms a lot, they only actually materialized twice. And when you’re a sky watcher and camera toter like me that can be a good thing.

There we were at the beach on Tuesday afternoon. The water was sparkling, the sun was shining . . .


The clouds began to thicken a bit but the sun was still shining and there were martinis and life was good.


Dale and Patrick went for a walk along the shoreline but as they returned I noticed the sky really beginning to change.


It wasn’t long before the clouds became really dramatic and created quite a site up in the sky.


The temperatures dropped and things got pretty chilly but it was worth it for the photos I got.


And you know what they say about the weather in New England, right? If you don’t like it just wait a few minutes and it will change. By the time we got back to the house the sun was shining again and all was right with the world.

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  1. I think they say that about the weather everywhere. It’s the best thing about weather! Your pictures are marvelous and I’m sure the vacation was ,too!!

  2. If it’s anything like the weather in Minnesota, it can be hotter than blazes out and then turn into chilly parka weather. I think this is where shawls come in handy :D.

  3. I love your Cape pics. We were there at the end of May, and I miss it a lot. So I’m getting a vicarious thrill out of your photographs.

    Welcome back to the real world.

  4. Just a few days ago, here in WNY, we witnessed the same type of changing sky. I was out at lunch to do a few errands, and I was desperate to get in touch with my husband so that he could take pictures. Clouds are amazing…lovely photos.

  5. Thanks for sharing such great photos! I am so glad you had a good vacation, though a bit envious of the beach chair time you got to put in.

  6. Awesome sky pix from your vacation! I took a bunch when I was away and posted them but didn’t get the colors that you had. I love them!

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