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Sweet Sixteen Sweater

Hannah’s February Lady Sweater is finished and she’s thrilled – and so am I.  It was a fun and fast knit with absolutely great results.  See?

Doesn’t she look so cute?  The green is a great color on her and really different from any of her other sweaters.  The yarn is Dream in Color Classy purchased from Sonny & Shear.  Not only do they ship really quickly but they ship for free if your order is over $50.

Of course we had to have the obligatory tree hugging shot.  Along with another 85 pictures of her kicking up her heels and grinning and flapping her arms and being a genuine goof ball.  She cracks me up, I tell you.

The sweater, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, is knit from the top down in garter stitch.  I knit Hannah the XXS and followed the directions pretty closely and the fit is just right.  The only modification I made was to decrease one lace repeat on the sleeves so they wouldn’t be so full at the shoulder.

We found these buttons at Saftler’s and they are such a perfect match.  They have a little bit of sparkle and are just the right shade of green.  Oh, and that was another modification I made – only 2 button holes so they would be in the garter stitch yoke portion of the sweater only.

She loves it.  I love it.  It’s a hit!

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  1. What a lovely goof ball! The sweater is great, too – color, fit, buttons, everything. Nice job!

  2. The sweater is gorgeous in green, you can really see the lace pattern. I can’t hardly wait for cooler weather (it was 97 F yesterday). I have already bought some yarn by Frog Tree and am ready for my first sweater – Please let it grow cooler soon.

  3. It is a hit!! Nicely done and the yarn looks heavenly. She’ll be wearing it all winter. It’s a perfect Sweet 16 sweater. Good job, mom!

  4. She’s so cute, I don’t know if I should compliment the sweater or the model?! Okay both, you did a fantastic job. The color really suits Hannah!

  5. Beautiful! The coloring of the yarn makes it look like hand spun. Hannah looks like she loves it too. Ready to make one for yourself???

  6. And I love it too! I finished mine over the weekend and I’ve been wearing it every day this week. Maybe one of these days it won’t be raining and I can get some pics. Hannah is looking beautiful!

  7. Wow, she’s beautiful. And green really does suit her! You know, if I looked as good as her in my hand knit sweaters I’d knit more for myself.

  8. Beautiful sweater on a beautiful girl.

    Now, tell me how you skip a lace repeat on the arms to make it narrower. I don’t get that. And about the two buttons: I’m making a small and I think I’m going to run out of room before I get to the third button, or it’s going to be down in the lace. It looks fine with just two, so maybe I’ll skip it as well.

    Thanks for the pictures.

  9. oh Hannah you look fabulous in that great sweater!! (tho I wish your Mom had included some of the flapping the arms photos for fun…. hahahah)

    Those photos are wonderful Carole – they really show off your lovely work so well 🙂 The mod’s you made look wonderful – and yes, I agree with Jessie, how’s you do one less lace repeat on the arms?
    What a gorgeous completion!

  10. Beautiful – both the model and her sweater. I see that the sleeves seem to be similar to ones in a sweater I’m working on – a little too wide so that you wouldn’t want them all the way down to your wrist. I like the length you decided on and this helps me with mine.

  11. Gorgeous sweater for a gorgeous girl! The color is really nice on her like you said. I bet it will be one of her favorites.

    I have to buy some of that yarn. Every time I see it, I love it…and that’s only seeing it online.

  12. do you think it’ll still be “in” 4 years from know when I have a sweet 16 year old? They both know my socks off!

  13. Carol, The sweater is beautiful and so is your daughter! The color is perfect with her coloring. Wow!!

  14. great color, even with the varigation. i’m not brave enough to try even semi-solids in sweaters yet, but that came out awesome!

  15. Lovely sweater, Carole! And the green color seems to make Hannah sparkle! She looks so beautiful and the sweater is a perfect pair.

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