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King Cake

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I made my very first King Cake this weekend. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now. I love trying regional recipes or those with historical or cultural significance – like Hoppin’ John on New Year’s day – so King Cake on the last weekend before Fat Tuesday seemed especially appropriate. And since blog reader Doris made 14 of these last week and then sent me her recipe, along with lots of encouragement, I decided to give it a go.


It’s a yeast bread that’s shaped into a rectangle and filled with cinnamon and sugar and then rolled up. After it’s baked it’s covered in frosting and purple, green and yellow sugar.


It’s delicious and colorful and a great Mardi Gras tradition, even if I didn’t have a plastic baby to put inside.

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  1. Your King Cake looks wonderful.

    In Greece it’s called Vasilopita and we make it for New Year’s at the other end of Epiphany. A coin is placed in the cake before baking instead of a baby.

  2. My next-door neighbor on my college dorm floor was from Na’wlins and her mom sent a cake up to her overnighted every year for Mardi Gras. The icing is a little off-putting, especially when it’s started to melt a bit, but we still had fun and probably ate the whole thing with a lot of giggling.

    I think it’s neat you gave it a whirl. 🙂

  3. Looks delish! I like the cream cheese and cherry filling type. If no plastic baby is available a dried bean is traditional as well. If you get the baby (or the bean) you are King or Queen for the day and are supposed to provide the cake for the following week (or next year if it’s the end of the season).

  4. Someone brought one of these to work last week — it reminded me a lot of a Kringle with frosting and sugar on top. Totally yummy, no matter what it’s called. I love a tradition with good food attached.
    ; )

  5. Here in Louisiana, that would be…an authentic King Cake! Looks great!

    Ooh, pecan praline from Ambrosia Bakery, Melissa. And where is your house? LOL. We got our youngest daughter’s wedding cake from them, and it was MARVELOUS!

  6. Very pretty! We had them last sunday at a church brunch with little Jesuses inside (I’d never heard of them or the tradition of putting something inside them before, so I’m feeling better about the whole thing now!!!).

  7. Oh, NO PLASTIC BABY? !!! Blasphemous. I have never eaten King Cake, but by the description, I am sure I would love it. Good thing I’m not there, because I don’t NEED it. 😀

  8. We have a woman in the college from New Orleans and she made 4 King Cakes yesterday. It was very good, but no one has admitted to finding the baby, which I don’t understand because it’s supposed to mean good luck. She brought us beads too – we had fun yesterday!

  9. It sounds delish. You’re probably better off without the baby. That part sounds a little weird.

    BTW I just gave you a Kreativ Blogger award.

  10. I had never heard of Kings Cake until yesterday, when I had a piece. It was pretty good. Very rich. And I found myself whisking the Kings Sparkles off my desk and clothing for the rest of the day.

  11. I’ve never been to Lousiana and consequently, never understood the Mardi Gras thing. One of my students was explaining it to me as a time to overindulge before Lent. I never seem to need a reason to overindulge! Especially after my daughter made your red velvet cake! I’m not going to show her this recipe. My hips cannot afford it.

  12. Looks authentic to me!!…c’mon down to Galveston anytime – don’t wait for Mardi Gras!!
    (Guess what! I linked here from “Nancy’s Arts, Crafts and Favorites” blog! Small world ;-))

  13. I was going to ask if you put the baby in! The only time I’ve ever eaten King cake was in New Orleans at a conference I attended.

  14. Carole, I couldn’t leave a message on your post regarding the letter to the president so here I am instead. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Your letter was sincere and clear and focused on one of the basic needs that both the young and old need…the library. We someone loses a job, the go to the library to use the computer to type their resume, etc.

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  15. Wow, I didn’t get any comments on my King Cake that I made for the first time this weekend. Looks great. I used a whole pecan half for the baby, but it got lost in the chopped ones.

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