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Red Velvet Cake

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Dale had a rough week at work so I baked him a cake.


A red velvet cake. With cream cheese frosting.


And jelly hearts on top – in the shape of a heart, of course.


The recipe is here and it’s a keeper. Make this for your valentine!

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  1. Do you know I had no idea what a Red Velvet Cake was until I was an adult? I finally had a bite about 5 years ago. That is one gorgeous cake!

  2. I just might have to try the cupcake version. Did you manage to keep the red food coloring from getting on things it wasn’t suppose to ?

  3. I love Red Velvet Cake, but will have to substitute Angel Food Cake with Sliced Strawberries and Fat-Free Cool Whip. Somehow that just doesn’t sound as good, does it?

  4. YUM!

    We tried a red velvet cheesecake recipe this past christmas, but that didn’t turn out well. It did use one whole bottle of red food coloring, though.

  5. That cake, most assuredly, says, “I love you!” Hope the cake worked its’ magic (which was, of course, because you made it).

  6. You wouldn’t happen to know of a version that uses no grains or sugars or dairy? ::sigh:: I think DH will get socks for Valentine’s. Hope Dale’s rough week has reformed itself and that he has clear sailing for a long time to come.

  7. I should bake one of those for Grant, who has a foul, green-salivaed, evil-breath, slimy monster of a deadline with biiig shaaaarp teeeeeth. Except we are both supposed to be trying to lose weight. I’ll try to think of something else… cake looks scrumptious, though.

  8. Breathtaking! While not my favorite cake (I’ll eat just about ANY cake, though) it is my son’s…..they had one at their wedding!

  9. I’m in the same camp as Margene. Growing up in Europe there was no such thing. I do now though and your looks positively yummy!

  10. those cupcakes look like just the ticket for the quilting retreat my friends and i have planned for this long wekend.

  11. Whoa! That’s a serious cake. I think I know what my daughter’s will be doing this weekend. Thanks!

  12. My kids made this cake for our V-day celebration w/ extended family yesterday. It was indeed a winner, so thanks! Pics on my blog. I just noticed the coincidence that my mom also had pink tulips on her table!

  13. I made red velevt cupcakes at Christmas for a work party. Another woman from ‘down South’ made a red velvet cake & her’s was a deeper, ruby red. I asked her how much food coloring she used and she whispered ” I’ll tell you a Southern secret – we use beet juice to make it red – no food coloring!” She did say you have to adjust the sugar to taste since beet juice is also sweet – it was a most amazing cake & the next time I bake it I’m going to try the beet juice..

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