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Pimp My Wheel

I don’t often talk about the things I buy but last week I bought something pretty cool and I think all you spinners out there might benefit from seeing it. Ready?


Oooooh. Aaaaah.

This cup holder is the brain child of Kelly and her husband Rick. It fits right on my Schacht Matchless and there are models that fit on lots of other wheels, too.


It’s perfect for spinning in a big circle. No more kicking over that cup of tea.


Or that bottle of water.


Or even worse, that martini.

Want one? Go here. Tell Kelly that Carole sent you.

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  1. I love mine!!! Thank you friend for thinking of me. Mine is set in place and has been used daily. It’s nice to have any drink in fingertip range.

  2. A great little brain child for those of you with a bit more grace in movement than I seem to possess. I always seem to nudge my wheel just the tiniest bit when leaving or coming back in those spinning circles and worry that a spill will not only hit my wheel but also my yarn and fiber.

  3. The martini looks great in the holder! They were definitely the must-have item at SPA this year (I was in the circle with you, sitting with Julie and Patti). It seems like all the cool spinners are getting them!

  4. I knew it!! Is it too early for a martini? I’m suddenly very thirsty for one. What a great addition to your wheel.

  5. You know, I was eyeing mine last night, thinking I bet a martini glass could fit in there (or margarita). Glad you did the legwork for me!

  6. too cool! must get a spinning wheel so I can set my wineglass in the cupholder!! LOL love it!!

  7. I am so jealous. Their attachment system doesn’t look as if it will work for my Alden Amos T-frame electric. ::sigh::

    So, I expect to see you wet-spinning some flax soon!

  8. I absolutely LOVE mine! It’s good to know it works for a martini glass; I haven’t tried that yet. Maybe this weekend 🙂

  9. I bet it holds margaritas too! Very cool tool. Oh.. and mojitos. Maybe a greyhound. Hmm, good thing I’m not a spinner, or I’d be drinking too much.

  10. Nothing for my Ashford Traditional, yet. As soon as I heard about the cupholder, I started eyeing my wheel to see if it was possible. It’ll take more engineering than my brain can handle. Guess I’ll just have to keep reaching for my beer…
    Fabulous idea!

  11. heh heh – so this is the famous “spintoon” that Laurie mentioned. I want me one!! (I like the last shot the best – I am so with you that it should be holding a martini)

  12. Heh, heh. When Kelly came to my house to check out the fit of the prototype, we talked about you. We cooked up an idea for an insulated ice bucket holder for a bottle of wine. We thought that might be a bit much, though … so, I’m glad to see you got the cupholder!

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