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Shawl and a Haircut – Two Bits!

I finished my Northern Lights Shawl a while back but 1)hadn’t blocked it and 2)hadn’t photographed it.  Then the stars aligned.  Hannah got a haircut and was anxious for pictures of the new look.   I gladly agreed to take the photos if she would simply model the shawl for me.


I love it when a plan comes together.  And I love it when a pattern (Northern Lights) and a yarn (1 skein of Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn) are so perfectly matched.


So the haircut is really cute and the shawl is really awesome.


And the kid is still really goofy.  First she wore it on her head.


Then she wore it as a dress.


And after that she wore it as a skirt.  She may look like me (and with this haircut I can finally say that I “see” it) but she still acts like her dad.


She got a little pouty when she realized that these bangs are going to be in her face all the time.


It’s okay, though.  We all agree that the haircut rocks.


And so does this shawl.

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  1. She’s hilarious! What a great model! I applaud her sartorial elegance. I would never have come up with so many ways to wear a shawl. The shawl is brilliant too! I may have to queue that one too.

  2. Gorgeous Hannah and shawl. The haircut certainly shows how much she looks like you! You had a similar cut but shorter at her age if memory serves me correctly. Great photos.

  3. I made some socks in that same colorway. I love them! The shawl came out real pretty. I have some more Noro sock in my stash. I just may make that shawl with it!

    Hannah’s haircut is beautiful. It makes her pretty face stand out even more! Did she feel naked after they cut all that hair off?

  4. She’s a natural! Love the shawl tied as a skirt. I hadn’t given that shawl a lot of thought until I saw your pictures. It is a beauty. Thanks Carole.
    Hannah does look a lot like you. FUN!!

  5. Don’t ya love the way you have to bribe them to model. And then they ham it up. Both shawl and daughter look fabulous!

  6. What fun, happy colors modeled by such a fun, happy model. A good haircut just makes one’s day, eh?

  7. Great pictures! The shawl is beautiful and I like it as a skirt, too. 🙂 Hannah’s hair looks terrific!

  8. Hannah’s haircut and the shawl are gorgeous! How did you get an English translation of the pattern? I went to the link and it’s all in Finnish (I think).


  9. I love the look of both of them….. Very nice flirty cut… If only I was young… and really gorgeous colors for that shawl… I gotta check my stash.

  10. Love the haircut and the shawl! Did that really only take one skein of Kureyon sock? Wow.

  11. I love it, Carole! This is the same color I used for one of the Shetland Triangles I knit last year. I have this pattern in my queue, but had not even looked at the required yardage. I think I might have the yarn for it. Thank you!

  12. Very pretty on both counts. There’s nothing quite like a good haircut to make a person feel special. Nor is there anything like a stunning shawl. Very nice.

  13. Yes, she does look like you. Have I mentioned that she’s gorgeous? And she does know how to rock a shawl. Or does the shawl rock her? It’s all rock n roll to me.

  14. Do you ever see flickers of the girl in the young woman? They’re growing up so fast! I love Hannah’s stage presence. What are her dreams for the future?

    That yarn is perfect for the shawl. Fun!

    She’ll perfect that sassy toss of the head to flip her bangs. It will become one of those trademark moves…

  15. I’ve been out of the blog loop lately, so maybe the gap of my reading makes this more obvious to me, but holy crap, Hannah’s all growed up! And she’s absolutely lovely to boot. What fabulous pictures for you both to have someday.

  16. Now I have to check out your Ravelry stats to find that pattern! I have a skein of Silk Garden sock yarn that has been waiting for the right project – LOVE your shawl! And I definitely see the resemblance, the two of you have the same smile. :o)

  17. Yes, the haircut rocks! Very sophisticated but simple at the same time, and oh lord it makes her look so very grown up. Nothing like going back for senior year with a glam new look. Oh and the shawls not bad either but the kid is definately your best “production.”

  18. Carole, you know I don’t read blogs enough any more to keep up with you. When I get to about 18 unread ones, then I have to check in.

    But this is great. Beautiful shawl, beautiful daughter.

  19. The shawl is great, and Hannah is adorable. So glad I got to meet her so that I can confirm that she’s just as cute and sweet in real life!

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