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Amongst The Alpacas

On Saturday Sharon and I headed to the Parker River Alpaca Farm for a day of spinning with our friends – the human ones and the alpaca ones.  It was a beautiful day.  The sky was deep blue, the sun was warm and the breezes were chilly.  As I sat in front of my wheel and chatted with my friends and snapped some photos I could hear Gale’s voice in my head telling me, “the biggest difference between amateur photographers and professional photographers is that amateurs take 5 photos and professionals take 100.”  So I took a lot of photos.  77, to be exact.  That makes it a little tough to narrow down which ones to share with you but I managed to find a few.

hungry alpacas

Alpacas pretty much eat and poop and that’s about it.  They are kind of noisy when they eat, too.  All that hay chewing creates quite a ruckus.

brown alpacas

When they aren’t eating they are wandering around the yard.  They are curious animals and came right over to our spinning wheels to see what we were doing.  Some of them even let us hug and pet them.

Lots of alapcas

I can never decide what color I like best!

Laurie and Sharon with baby brown alpaca

Of course, Sharon had to hold a couple of the babies.  Laurie didn’t mind – it gave her a chance to pet them.  This little guy felt like velvet.

you looking at me

I just love to photograph alpacas, apparently.

Eddie the alpaca

This is Eddie.  Just look at that sweet little face!  I would have smuggled him into the car and brought him home with us if I could have.

It was a really wonderful day.  I made a delicious lunch, including this chicken salad, and had a fantastic time hanging out.

Sweet Eddie

I think spinning (especially with alpacas) is good for the soul.  And the blood pressure.

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  1. They have the funniest little faces, don’t they? You expect them to start talking to you.

    I’m glad you had such a nice day.

  2. Animal therapy became popular when I was growing up. We’d bring dogs into the nursing home where my mom worked for the residents. It is extremely good for you to hold and pet animals. I bet the alpacas would be the top with all their softness!

  3. Awesome photos! And such a picture perfect day! I love the way alpacas hum. I was so sorry to not be able to come at the last minute. Life has a way of getting in the way at inopportune times. I could have used some time with you all. Next time.

  4. Beautiful animals. I have a student who lives on an alpaca ranch. She says they are cute until they are pregnant, then they’re mean beasties who spit at you. I thought that was pretty funny. I’m glad you had a relaxing day. Happy Monday!

  5. I love Eddie’s photo, he(?), young animals have such an innocence about them and it reflects in their eyes. You may have peaked my interest in spinning, especially if it helps the blood pressure.

  6. Gorgeous pictures – I just got some alpaca fiber to spin, it will be my first try with anything other than wool and I am so exited. Have a happy Monday!

  7. How could anyone not love them?? And those eye lashes.. I’m seriously in love. I’ve heard that being around them does lower blood pressure.

  8. I just love their dear little faces too. I think my favorite color is the cinnamon one that is shown in the baby that Laurie is petting with Sharon holding.
    Glad you had an awesome relaxing day – and I love seeing your photos of the critters.

  9. They are the cutest critters and you got some great shots!
    (but I dunno, that chicken salad looks pretty good – sure it wasn’t up there at the top of the best of the day?)

  10. In that pic of Sharon and Laurie, I didn’t realize Sharon was holding an alpaca and totally thought Laurie was going in for a feel. o.0
    Eddie is the cutest! But then, I might be biased.

  11. I had planned to go but didn’t make it. It was a lovely day to be out amongst the alpacas. Eddie is just adorable, as are they all!

  12. I think our Carrie has been in the house a bit too long. o.0

    Wonderful photos and it sounds like it was a wonderful day. Although, better if our Manise had been there. Please guilt her into going next time. xo

  13. Love the photos. One of the Eagle scouts my husband mentored did a project at a rescue farm. There were a bunch of alpaca there, and it was so fun. I was very lucky and the woman who owns the farm gave me some alpaca yarn and introduced me to the animals it came from. I was in heaven!

  14. Second comment so I can ask you a quick question. I have just started spinning and am going to be looking for a wheel soon (like hopefully Christmas). Any suggestions?

  15. Those are such wonderful pictures of the critters. 🙂 I did love that chocolate brown baby. And the little black guy with the white on his face. And Eddie. And…and….and…..

  16. Your day sounds wonderful and relaxing…how awesome to be go there. It reminds of of the Fiber thingy I went to in Newbury. I love alpacas…they have the sweetest little faces…

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