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Tour De Fleece Yarn

Remember back when I spun so much during the Tour De Fleece? My goal was to spin down all the various colored braids and bumps in my stash. I did a great job of spinning all that fiber back in July but then the bobbins just sort of sat around, waiting to be plied.

plyed yarn on railing

I’m happy to say that I finally finished all that plying and I have several new skeins of handspun.

more plyed yarn on railing

I have no idea what I’ll do with the yarn now that it’s finished but hey! I made yarn!!

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  1. Very pretty skeins. I love how you cropped the bottom and top with text in between. Or perhaps they are 2 separate photos- anyhow at first glance one thinks you are looking at full length skeins.

  2. Cool layout of those two shots! The yarn is awesome. Like Margene, I was thinking of a shawl. Happy Wednesday!

  3. oh so pretty – and what a cool effect to write through the middle of the photo (scratches her head, ponders.. how the heck did she do that?! cool!)

  4. Ok, so I’m perfectly ok with admitting that most of what you said was total Greek to me! But I’m willing to learn, and the yarn is gorgeous! Love the text in the midst of the photo, very clever!!

  5. How about donate a skein as a prize to NaKniMitMo 2010? I’m sure Ruth will second this. They’d make lovely mittens!

  6. You didn’t just make yarn – you made beautiful yarn…i really like the first one and the third one (from the left)…

  7. Yay! It is beautiful, and so wonderful that you get to revisit the fun of July again now with finishing the new yarn, and then later with the knitting.

  8. Beautiful! I am sure that you will find something nice to make with it. I got my first wheel in October and haven’t gotten to the point of having any hadspun yet…still learning and I had too much travel time over the last 3 weeks…but I will and I can’t wait. I hope mine comes out anywhere near that pretty.

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