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Thoughts On Spinning

Pencil Roving Bobbins resized for blog

Susan wrote the other day that sometimes she spins a lot and sometimes she knits a lot. While I always knit a lot, it is definitely true that my passion for spinning comes and goes.

This last week has been a week of spinning and it feels good. It feels good to burn through the stash, it feels good to have wool slipping between my fingers, it feels good to sit and treadle and make yarn.

What’s making you feel good this week?

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  1. I wish I could say spinning was making me feel good this week, but it’s been weeks since I’ve sat at the wheel. That makes me sad 🙁
    But, realizing that it is February and SPA will be here before we know it is making me feel good this week!

  2. Pretty colors on your bobbins. Make sure you share the finished yarn. I’ve had back problems and spinning has been painful. The answer has been a rocking chair! It has the right angle to give support and not cause more pain. I need to find a perfect rocker.

  3. The spinning bug has been visiting my house too! And I’m lovin’ it. I normally like to spin more in the summer when I can take my wheel outside and knit wool blankets in the winter to warm my lap while I work, but not this year! It’s all about that alpaca yumminess slipping through my fingers. No idea what I’ll do with it at this point, just keep treadlin and eventually it’ll end up something. Enjoy! I am. Tammy

  4. What makes me happy is staring at your gorgeous mitten pics. I know, no life, but so what, those mittens are great!

  5. Sewing! I’ve been inspired by the book One Yard Wonders, which has a ton of small, cute, and manageable projects in it. It’s really gotten my mojo back on track.

    But spinning… I’d really like to spin soon. Thank god for SPA!

  6. I’m in a spinning funk right now. Seems I have so many knitting projects lined up that I never get to my wheel. I need to set aside a spinning day!

  7. The pre-Valentine’s prep at work is creating MAJOR stress, so I’m finding that treadling like a demon and making lots of yarn does help a lot. The repetitiveness helps to create a nice meditative state right now.

  8. Spinning is enticing, but I’ve yet to succumb to the call. Getting up early and having a couple of hours to myself makes me happy. Starting another pair of picot socks (this morning) makes me happy too!

  9. A new job for the boy and a promotion for my brother. We’re calling it good news February. (not to mention my birthday is next week!)

  10. I’ve been enjoying spinning myself these days. It feels good to dig fiber out of the stash and turn it into yarn. Hey, if I do real good I even start knitting with the yarn!

    I have to do something to justify new purchases at the upcoming fiber festivals in a few months :-).

  11. That is a very pretty looking spindle of yarn! What’s making me happy? Hmmmmm, where do I begin? First off, I have a wonderful new friend who introduced me to the joys of knitting! Then there’s the fact that I turned my practice piece into a ‘sleeping bag’ for Katelyn’s dolls. I made a small blanket for Mackenzie’s stuffed Tiger. I’m currently working on a baby blanket for my newest grand-niece. Last, but certainly not least, my Soldier is coming HOME today!!! I am one happy knitting Momma!

  12. I’m with Margene on the rocking chair. I have a small lady’s rocker that I use for spinning when I’m at home. It keeps my back from getting sore. Placing both in a sunny widow chases away the winter blahs for me.

  13. Oh no question, definitely dyeing and getting new stock into my shop! I’m still relearning how much fun dyeing can be, and how much I enjoy the adventure. Finding the right method for my situation has made all the difference and now I can’t wait to get started on my next batch. 🙂

    Beautiful bobbins, I look forward to seeing what they grow up to be. I’m with you, I always knit a lot, and it’s my spinning that waxes and wanes. I always spin at least once a week, but when I’m on a roll I might spin every evening or so for a week or two at a time.

  14. Ooooh, that’s pretty! Good news and sunshine are making me feel good this week… let’s hope for more of that!!
    ; )

  15. I’ve been thinking about spinning… If I could justify it, all I would do is spin, but my friends and family need socks, mittens, and sweaters, so I knit. When there is a moment’s freedom? I spin. It is my reward — when I finish our taxes I’ve got some lovely new superfine top from Freyalynn, a murky green-gold-blue for a laceweight shawl for me and enough beautiful blues and grays to make a waistcoat for DD. I sit here crunching numbers and organizing receipts, but my brain is really thinking about spinning.

  16. Such pretty spinning. My wheels are calling but I’m inoring them so far. It’s possible that I’m just too lazy to get one out and go through all the set up stuff. Then again the knitting is very satisfying right now and I’d hate to put it down.

  17. I’m blasting through my fiber stash this week, too. And I even plied a bunch of singles that have been sitting on bobbins for months.
    Hey, wait! That means I now have to knit up all that handspun. Oye.

  18. I’ve been wanting to spin,but can’t decide what fiber to grab! I’m at a standstill between projects. I actually haven’t knit for two days. Send a doctor!

  19. Sorting through my handspun and figuring out what to knit with it. Also treating my wheel to a slathering of Wood Beams and a buff after. She positively glows now.

  20. I need to get back on my wheel. That will make me feel good. Actually I might gt the chance this weekend. They just upped us from expecting 4-6 inches of snow to 18-24! I think we might just be snowed in, what a shame 😉 Lucky for us we bought plenty of groceries this morning and are all set.

  21. Those singles are beautiful, Carole. I know what you mean about spinning. I am glad it is always there waiting for me. I feel a spinning season coming on. Right now mittens and the drop spindle are making my week better.

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