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Ten on Tuesday

bee and aster

I think this bee is waving at Kim.

So the theme for Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Favorite Athletes.  Seriously?  I’m not sure if I can even name 10 athletes, never mind have 10 favorites.  But okay, it’s Tuesday and this is what we do.

1. Candace Parker.  She used to play for my beloved Lady Vols and now she’s in the WNBA.

2. Carl Yastrzemski.  My nana loved the Red Sox and she especially loved Yaz.  I grew up hearing about how great he was so of course he’s on my list.

3. Joe Namath.  I am no fan of football but he was the most famous football player of my childhood.

4. Bobby Orr.  The Boston Bruins won two Stanley Cups with Orr on the team.  Again, my childhood memories include lots of talk of Bobby Orr.

5. Larry Bird.  The Celtics were huge around here in the 80s.  I never got to go to a game back then but I sure wish I had.

6. Kevin McHale.  See #5.

7. Ted Williams.  My father was a huge fan of Ted Williams.  So is Dale and so is my father-in-law.  Hence, he makes the list.

8. Diana Taurasi.  She played for UConn the first season I started watching Women’s College Basketball.  I wanted Hannah to grow up and play just like her.  Ha ha ha.

9.Mary Lou Retton. 1984 Summer Olympics.  Need I say more?

10. Muhammad Ali.  He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

This was not an easy list for me to compile.  How come they didn’t ask for a list of my 10 favorite knitters?  Now that would have been a cake walk!

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  1. Love the photo of the bumblebee. They are one of my favorites in the bee world. Love the “wave” with his front leg.

  2. My brother and I use to add, “And channel four with Bobby Orr” to the end of “Happy Birthday.” Loved to watch him.

  3. Awww……..that is a great bumble picture!!!

    I used to have 1/2 season tickets with Bill to the Celts back in the late 80’s. That team will always be my favorite group of athletes.

  4. I suspect that, just like favorite songs, you can tell someone’s age by their favorite athletes. At the very least you can detect when they were actively interested in sports. It’s interesting that you listed “vintage” athletes.

  5. I had to laugh at not knowing 10 athletes, because I am in the same boat. I might have some name recognition, but I might get them all mixed up — a baseball player playing football, or a tennis player as a swimmer, or something. Heehee…

    Unless we talk historically, and then I can probably name some Olympic athletes and actually match them to their sports. MAYBE. LOL

  6. How about 10 athletes who knit??? Now *that* would be interesting 🙂 Great blog, Carole, I’ve enjoyed reading your past entires and learning more about you.

  7. Kudos to you for taking this list on. Not sure I could come up with 10 but it would likely be a hockey-heavy list. Now authors I could do, or knitters, or artists, or… so many other things.

  8. are you sure you could limit your favorite knitters to just ten?

    my list of ten favorite athletes includes my daughter. who is not remotely famous. the rules didn’t say famous athlete….just favorite.

  9. Interesting list and a variety of sports represented. How nice to see a gymnast there.

    I’d probably go back before my time and include people like Jim Thorpe and Babe Didrickson, but outside of the Olympics I’m not a big sports fan.

  10. Hmm. Ten favorite spinners maybe? Alden Amos, Stephenie Gautad, Celia Quinn, Pat Slaven, Sarah Natani, Judith Mc-Mc, Lydia Van Gelder, Bette Hochberg, and the flax couple, Olive and Harry Linder. Royalty.

    Love the bee.

  11. “How come they didn’t ask for a list of my 10 favorite knitters? Now that would have been a cake walk!”

    No, that would have been harder – how would you limit it to 10?

  12. My nana loved the Red Sox too, and all of us do to this day. I grew up watching Yaz play! He lived in our town and the girl across the street babysat for him and his wife.

  13. Yay – you did great! and even jogged a bunch of my memories as well. gosh.. Mary Lou Retton. Larry Bird. YAY !

    LOVE that bee photo – and I’m certain you are correct about him waving at Kim. Why he’s positively flirting.

  14. I had no hope of coming up with 10 – which is why I completely ignored it all and posting something different.

    Great list – and beautiful photo!

  15. Ditto on the D comment. She has done so much for women’s basketball – the seaon is getting close! I didn’t know you were a Vol fan???

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